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90 cb7 f22a to h22a computer swap help

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    90 cb7 f22a to h22a computer swap help

    Alright so I've looked though the swap faq multiple times and can't figure out if this is the right computer ill be needing for my motor to run?

    Its even chipped. The h22a I have is pulled from a Jdmi 4th gen 92-95 honda prelude si-vtec from japan. Its going into a 1990 honda accord f22a. It was swapped from a auto to manual before this swap. Anyone?

    you can use a p13 or p28,p72 with h22 basemap


      Alright well the one I linked on ebay is a, Chipped P28 ECU Vtec OBD1 B16 B18 H22 D16 Type R Turbo. This is the bad boy I need to get the vtec hooked up right?


        If you don't know anything about basemaps and ECU tuning, get a P13. You'll have a much easier time getting the new motor running right.
        Originally posted by Junior Smurff
        Nevermind guys, google search works wonders!

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          Originally posted by stutla22 View Post
          Alright well the one I linked on ebay is a, Chipped P28 ECU Vtec OBD1 B16 B18 H22 D16 Type R Turbo. This is the bad boy I need to get the vtec hooked up right?
          I recommend getting the P13 as well. More than likely that ECU is loaded with some crappy boosted basemap that will make your car run horrible. I had an experience like that, VTEC would never hit, then I got the right ECU, and it ran fine.
          '94 JDM H22A: 178whp 146wtq

          Originally posted by deevergote
          If you say double dutch rudder, i'm banning you...


            Don't ever buy anything 'chipped' unless it is from a well known ECU tuner that you know and trust (and even then, I wouldn't run an ECU with a generic tune for long without having it properly tuned for YOUR setup.)

            As said, get a P13. It is the correct ECU for the H22A, and will run it properly. Use a stock P13 to get your swap running properly before you even think about running any sort of modified ECU.

            Also, this is all covered in detail in the Swaps section of this site... and has been for the past decade. I suggest you look through that section. You will find a good deal of useful information.


              Im looking for a stock p13 as i type and cant find one..


                Funny. Your ebay must be broken. I just found half a dozen of them. I'm sure I'd find more if I looked on forums, craigslist,, or wandered around local junkyards.


                  Oh yeah cause I can only find chipped/socketed ones on ebay. Don't p13's come out of P13 : 93-95 OBD-1 Prelude Vtec? Cant find none of them at my local pick a part.. they got some civics and acuras. What should i be looking for year wise and model?


                    How about this one deevergote?


                    Stock jdm p13.


                      That's actually a P0F, which is also an H22A ECU (from a 95 Accord)... but for some reason people tend to have difficulty using them.

                      You want a P13 from a 92-95 Prelude Si VTEC.

                      Also, learn to use the edit button if you have something to add to a post... and read things carefully. I'm not going to spoon feed you, nor is anyone else.