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Distributor Inner Seal Leaking

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    Distributor Inner Seal Leaking

    I have a 93 Ex (cb7 of course) and the internal seal of the distributor I have replaced twice now. I have gotten the older model and then the newer model (-0 on the end of the product number I believe) after both replacements it seals the oil from getting into it for a couple of days but again then starts to leak. At 10$ a seal now I'm getting a little annoyed with it and was wondering if anyone else has come across this yet and if they have how they stopped it. It is the original distributor with a oem replacement rotor and cap, bosch wires. Any ideas or help would be appreciated and yes I researched but I've had no luck so far. Thanks

    so you're saying its leaking oil to the inside of the distributor?


      This is the part number of the seal I just bought about a month back and its working flawlessly. Its an OEM NOK seal. Bought it for 8 bucks shipped.


      Also, this thread should help you.

      member's ride thread
      93' EX Coupe H22A w/ P2T4 Sir 5spd 191whp 155 wtq
      99' Lexus LS400 157k VVTi V8 gets up & DD
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      97' Honda Odyssey 199k miles...$485 spare van for my parents


        1. Yes Im leaking from the inside.
        2. Thats the part I got last time. The -e first then -e0. Im getting them from a local import shop here... maybe its just them. I fallowed the diy on this site the second time. Could the shaft or housing I dent be wore down?

        3. Thanks for the quick responses its appreciated


          I replaced this seal on my Odyssey's distributor and the old seal was so hard and brittle, it wore a huge groove in the shaft! I drove the new seal further in so the lip would not be on the groove b/c that smaller outer diameter could make it leak. Did you have this issue? I could easily feel it w/ my fingernail, I was surprised.


            Yes. I noticed wear on the shaft I could feel tinny groves in it... xD should I just replace the shaft and if so what vehicles could I pull it out of. Or any specific way to fix those groves?
            Thanks again for quick responce.


              ^no problem, well, like I said, you may be able to compensate by driving the seal in alittle further to ride on fresh metal. If the groove is very small, I'd imagine the seal should seal it but my groove was very deep. If you're dead set on another shaft, I'd scour the junkyard for 92/93 external coil td-52u distributors. I'm sure there are other hondas that could donate the parts, but since I'm not 100%, I'll keep it simple. You feel confident that it's the groove in the shaft?


                Thanks. I mess with that placement to start someday soon( I'm in co springs and we are getting snow right now) - if that doesn't work then ill run to the junkyard n look for a new shaft. Thanks again to everyone definitely appreciated.