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91 se Oil gushes, HELP

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    91 se Oil gushes, HELP

    So A small leak turned in to a big one today. Car work, always happens when its snowing and you have a full tank of gas!!! I have finals, work, a kid, and a pregnant woman to tend to. I have used 20 mins of my study time searching with no luck.

    I have installed timing belts before, but not with balance shaft. I found a write up on here. My oil leak is on of the seals around there. I'm thinking crank or cam. I plan on doing timing belt/ water pump and the seals while i am in there. What other seal/ gaskets are there around there that could gush oil?

    anyone got a guide on installing the seals?

    Thank you so much for your time.
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    The forward balance shaft seal is known to pop out of the block. Honda offers a retainer plate that uses one of the timing cover bolts to clamp the seal into place. A search for "timing belt" under the DIY section yields a number of threads on timing belt replacement, including this one:

    I suggest having at least a aftermarket manual (Haynes, etc) available for reference.
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      Take a deep breath and slow down. You need to be more specific about just where the oil is "gushing" from. "My oil leak is on of the seals around there" doesn't tell us anything. If you attempted to post a link to another page then it hasn't appeared in your post.
      Regards from Oz,


        This car had the water pump and timing belt done not too long ago. They used dayco from advance auto. I'm not too trusting of this brand compared to oem or gates.

        I assume the t-belt has oil on it. The oil looks like its pouring out of the lower timing cover or from behind it (looks like you took a probe light and made 2-3 small holes in the oil pan, but @ timing cover). My plan is to just tear down and replace all the oil seals there.

        I was hoping for a list of seals/gaskets that leak there and maybe a write up on how to change the seals. From what I have found:

        balance shaft seal
        cam shaft seal
        crank shaft seal

        I was reading about some o rings or something around there.

        I just replaced the valve cover gasket, it seems the cover needs to come of, can i reuse this?

        You guys are just great.


          It might be the front crank seal or the cam seal, but I think these would tend to leak without "gushing". It sounds like your leak is pressurised, so my thoughts are leaning toward the oil pump. I'm only guessing at this, I've never had an oil pump problem with my engine, never taken it out, never had a good look at it.
          Regards from Oz,


            I am short on cash atm, here are a few questions I hope someone can answer.

            If timing belt is covered in oil should I clean and try to reuse or just replace?

            Oil pumps for after market are 100-200, OEM is 200. From the majestic honda diagram it seems I can get seals for and other parts for it. If its leaking would it be a good idea to try redo the seals?

            I will update when I know whats going on. ATM I am sick and have finals for school plus other stuff going on.



              I would start at the front balance shaft seal, it may be obviously out of its bore. As previously stated, it was a big enough problem that Honda developed the bracket to keep it in place. I had it happen to my 93 EX - constant stream of oil peeing out from the bottom of the timing belt cover. Get the cover off and take a look.

              I have never had an oil pump problem on 9 Accords totaling well over 1 million miles on them.
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              90 LX 4dr 5 spd 396,014 (sold 1/1/2022) - MRT:
              08 Element LX FWD AT 229,000 - MRT: fleetw00d : 2008 Honda Element LX - CB7Tuner Forums


                you have got to pull the timing cover. its probably the balance shaft seal, if the clamp deal hasnt been applied as a fix yet. i've known those to gush to the point (and people not noticing) and killing engines.


                  and do not reuse an oil soaked timing or balance belt... they are cheap enough to replace


                    I was sick and did not dig into the car. I just assume replace it all as I don't trust the belt brand in it and it may be oil soaked. since I will have it torn down that far i'm doing all seals but oil pump if it is not leaking.

                    Its looking like Christmas in here. Got these in today:

                    Aisin water pump, koyo tensioners, mitsubshi belts, timken cam and crank seals, snk balance shaft seal, new honda tensioner springs.

                    Anyone know what the little o-ring that comes with the balance shaft seal retainer plate is for?

                    I think it might be for the tensionser adjust bolt on the timing cover.

                    Thanks for your time guys.


                      The small o-ring that comes with the retainer is for the oil dipstick tube where it enters the oil pump.


                        confirmed, balance shaft seal poped out.

                        I Had to order a new tensioner nut, some one put it on with a lot of love and rounded it. Took me days to get lose.

                        so i'm not sure what mark is tdc on my flywheel. here is what I think I see *edit the me should look like a sideways w aka flipped:

                        I'm not sure if the line below the triangle is really there. I want to see it and know it should be white. So it seems to be there and white. can anyone tell me if the triangle is tdc or if there really is a white line below it. cam, oil, and balance shaft timing marksline up.

                        also I know the 3 lines are for ignition timing. Whats up with the sideways M. Is it a mark for anything?

                        Finaly I see a up arrow on the crank gear but no info in the repair manual or the eric the car guy video I bought. IS this also a timing mark?

                        Thanks guys.

                        edit- is this normal: The timing markings on the flywheel move by an 1/2 inch to an inch up or down, when i try to turn the crankshaft. it seems the crankshaft does not move, if it does move its less than a full tooth. example: ratchet on crank bolt, press on ratchet gear does not move but marking on flywheel have.
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                          Are you sure you're looking at the flywheel (manual) or flex-plate (automatic), and not at the pulleys at the front of the engine?
                          Regards from Oz,


                            its an auto. This engine has the window with the rubber plug. the markings I made is what I see on the the flex-plate .

                            not the best photo but it shows the top mark with the triangle thing.

                            I have it set to the 2nd mark (the lower one). I can move it to the other and the crank/cam will not even move a whole tooth it seems. So what do you guys think?
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                              I knew I was not crazy, look what I found. I still dont know what mark is white there is no paint on the marks. anyone know if its the 1st or the second mark that is the white TDC?

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