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ABS/Brake Leak?

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    ABS/Brake Leak?

    I just moved to an apartment and im not allowed to work on my car here and all my jack and stands are at my old house so i cant really see what is going on but i have a brake fluid leak and its coming from under the car and it looks kinda like a junction block or something it has a plastic cover over it so i cant see it very well i hope someone can give me an idea of what it could be i will see if i can get some pics of it later when i have time... Does anyone know what it could be?

    Some more details would be helpful. "a leak coming from what looks like a junction block under the car" doesn't help us help you. What year and trim level is your car? Where is this apparent junction block located?


      91 Accord Wagon EX, and i will get under it tomorrow and tear it apart, i think its just a line, but my petal isnt soft or anything. So i will get under it tomorrow and figure it out. and post pics

      It is along where the firewall meets the floor pan of the car... i think its where all the brake lines go to the back, but im not 100&#37; so like i said i will get under it tomorrow at a buddys house and see what i can gather up


        I had the same problem. No codes. Brake pedal firm. I had to top up master cylinder with brake fluid as it slowly leaked out. I cleaned off the abs modulator with gunk degreaser and sure enough I saw it leaking brake fluid from the modulator. The only fix was to replace it with a used one. There are no parts to repair it. Be sure to bleed the high pressure side by jumping the motor relay. Check the reservoir as you're doing this, the fluid comes out fast through that bleeder valve.


          thanks im thinking that where its coming from... not sure if i have abs or not tho cause i remember having to slam on the brakes and its just skidded to a stop... i noticed there is a PS leak like right next to this leak so time to go buy gunk and degrease the whole engine so i can find all the leaks


            ok so i figured it out its acutally a PS leak and a brake leak, brake is leaking from a line going into the master cylinder and dripping down and the PS leak is either a line going into the rack or the rack leaking... i couldnt really tell so i am getting gunk today and going to clean and detail the engine bay.


              So today i got under the car more and checked it all out and i found the PS leak was a loose fitting on the rack so that got fixed quickly, and so the brake fluid is leaking from the proportioning valve, its a little black thing on the valve, that is leaking. Can someone give me some help? I cant find a proportioning valve at autozone or anywhere. Also what is the spot on the valve that is leaking?


                ^so it sounds like the rubber cap on the prop valve popped loose? I googled "rubber cap on honda proportioning valve" and found this:



                I think it might be time for a new one unfortunately as the blown cap is an indicator of failure. If you still have the cap you can pop it back in but it's probably going to pop right back out again! Worth a try though, prop valve is a real pain to change out with a complete engine bay.


                  Ya i saw one of those post after i posted it... i guess it is time to get a new one.