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91 Lx Rear K Member Swap/ Lcr Inner Pivot Bolt Stuck

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    91 Lx Rear K Member Swap/ Lcr Inner Pivot Bolt Stuck

    So today I spent most of the morning and part of the afternoon salvaging parts at the junk yard for my 91 LX. I managed to find an ex with plenty of good quality parts and I was able to swipe the ex cross member, sway bar, and linkage.
    Has anyone had any problems trying to remove the front LCA inner pivot bolt from the rear K member? My dad and I fought this damn thing for a couple hours. Aside from both the left and right inner bolts seized in the rear K member, the removal of the member, rear sway bar and linkage actually fairly simple and straightforward. PB Blaster was used and so was a 5lb mini sledgehammer and that bolt didn't move an inch. Any suggestions? I don't give a damn about the lca's still stuck on the ex k member, I'll cut them off if I have too. I'm worried about damaging the lca's I'm gonna use for the install of the new ex k member. I'm gonna try my big C clamp tomorrow but if that don't work then I don't know???

    Here is a close up of the trouble maker


      You got the nut off, but the bolt won't come out? Unfortunately, this can be fairly common. One of mine is stuck, but the alignment of the rear tires is OK so I don't need to move it. I should probably grab another one when I can hit the yards down south again (maybe in May). I have a 12 ton press we can use to try to drive it out. I think I also have a couple of those special bolts as well in case it gets damaged beyond use.
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        This happened to me recently.

        The solution was to have the LCAs torched out.

        It did destroy the arms, but the shop got the job done and saved the crossmember.


          Gotta love the frozen rear toe adjusters! My quickest method to fixing this issue uses a 4 1/2" angle grinder with a 6" thin cut off wheel. The bigger wheel gives you extra depth since the bolts are recessed in the pocket. You basically want to cut the through bolt on both sides of the toe arm. DO NOT take any metal off the crossmember, instead, the bushing is trash anyway, cut through the inner sleeve of the bushing. Then I replace the 2 bushings and 2 adjuster bolts and reuse everything else. You are lucky that the crossmember is off the car, I've done this job 3 times with the crossmember on the car! Sawzall does okay, it can take awhile and burn up a ton of blades. I suppose try the 12 ton press first, that's a good option! Oh, I forgot the most important part, liberally grease the toe adjusters!!!
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