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Clutch pedal has absolutely zero pressure

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    Clutch pedal has absolutely zero pressure

    Apologies upfront for the novel, i've been working through this issue for about two and a half months as time and funds allow and it may help to know what got me to this point. So, I hear this grinding for a couple days, sounds like a wheel bearing. Car goes into gear just fine the whole time, no slipping at all. Take it to my shop, they tell me its "not a wheel bearing, it's something trans related. Do you want us to take a look?". They quote me $700 bucks for a rebuilt transmission with install. I'm poor so me and my buddy decide to order a used transmission online and do the swap in his garage. I hop in the car and head towards his house. Huge bang and grinding sound and the clutch pedal falls straight to the floor and stays there. Coast the car into the parking lot of the american legion and have a brew while I wait for the tow. Get the car to my buddies house and throw it in the garage to wait for the used transmission. Yank off the dead one, the inside of the bell housing has a shaft blown through it and ball bearings fall out. Its jacked. The new trans arrives, we clean it up and install it, row through the gears(everything went in fine), bleed the clutch and take it out. Car fires up, throw it in reverse, back out of the driveway and go around the corner. At the first stop sign the clutch pedal drops to the ground, no gears. Push the car back into the garage. Look up some diagnosis online, decide to see if the clutch itself is shot. Yank the tranny off, clutch doesn't look bad but pressure plate looks like it may have sustained some damage possibly from the ball bearings. Order a clutch kit. Throw it in, re-install the tranny, bleed the clutch. Not one iota of pressure in the pedal. Its either all the way up or all the way down. If I push it with a finger it drops to the floor. If I barely pull it up it flies to the top. No pressure whatsoever. Back to the internet. Replace the slave cylinder. No go. Replace the clutch master cylinder. Nothing. We bled the fluid for an hour. No pressure. Rented a vaccuum bleed tool. No pressure. No leak other than out of the bleed nut. What in the good goddamn is going on???

    Have your friend pry on the slave while you bleed. You likely still have air in the line. I had this issue myself. Tried a dozen different methods.


      Did you bench bleed the master and slave? We're the replacement parts remanufactured?



        I've been there many times, you will get it. Like Deev suggested, try to block/disable the slave for now while you bleed. In the linked video, the guy uses a c-clamp on the slave cyl. I've personally pushed the slave piston back with my hand (pushing on clutch release fork) while the bleeder was open and had huge air pockets stuck inside the slave cylinder. Once you start to build even the slightest pressure, it'll come together for you really fast. I think you're fine not bench bleeding the master cyl, I tried that once and the fluid poured out the other end without any pumping. I just do not think they are valved like a brake master cyl and no matter how careful you are, there's always gonna be air pockets in the line. Also try to use a section of clear tubing so you can monitor what's coming out of the bleeder-air and or fluid + you can get a visual on pressure too. Anything is possible, but do check that your new parts are holding hydraulic pressure too, so make sure there's no fluid leaking inside the dash or inside the slave's boot. You'll get there


          I never thought of a C-clamp. That's a great idea!


            Thank you all very much for the info, we will definitely block off the slave and give that a shot. It's awesome to have this great source of intel. You've done a good thing here Deev.


              The issue has been resolved, thank you everyone for your input!


                Originally posted by Harriers Wake View Post
                The issue has been resolved, thank you everyone for your input!
                Can you please list what you did to resolve the issue? That way next time anyone is having the same issue they can read thru this and do the same procedure you did. Thanks


                  Yes sir please post how you fixed the issue