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Map sensor wiring on euro-r

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    Map sensor wiring on euro-r

    Hello I'm trying to do euro-r swap but haven't found much info on how to wire it. Thanks in advance

    Originally posted by Skeeter View Post
    Hello I'm trying to do euro-r swap but haven't found much info on how to wire it. Thanks in advance
    Welcome to the site!

    Agreed, this isn't a well-covered topic.

    The CB7 map sensor is not mounted to the manifold like the Euro-R has. The CB sensor is mounted inside the black box on the firewall near the fusebox. That black box has 2 connectors on it, and a few vacuum hoses. The hose #21 (usually printed on the side of the hose) is the map sensor vacuum line, and the 3-pin connector is for the map sensor. You can choose to skip this sensor and use the Euro-R one instead, so instead of having the wiring harness lead over to the black box, it will connect to the sensor on the manifold.

    The CB7 map sensor pinout is as follows:

    .__ == __
    ( 1 | 2 | 3 )

    1 = Red/White (+ power)
    2 = White/Blue (signal)
    3 = Blue/White (- ground)

    Here's a picture of a Euro-R MAP sensor wiring (from when I did my swap, forever ago).

    From the pic, it appears that left to right, the Euro-R pinout is as follows:

    Left = Green/White
    Center = Red/Blue
    Right = Yellow/White

    According to the following post on Honda-Tech:
    Sensor connector GRN/WHT wire = 5v Positive (+) (sensor reference voltage ECU Pin D19) connect to your WHT/BLU wire.
    Sensor connector RED/BLU wire = Sensor Ground (-) (ECU pin SG1 D21) connect to your BLU/WHT wire.
    Sensor connector YEL/WHT wire = Sensor signal (+) (0.4v - 4.5,5v ECU pin D17) Connect to your RED/WHT wire.

    Hopefully this should help you match things up.

    Good luck!
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      Thanks that is what I was looking for awsome.


        Ok got motor swap in. I tried to wire up map sensor on euro-r motor it will crank idle but won't take any gas. So I wired back up to old map in the box and it will run take gas but will not idle. Any thoughts?


          List your entire setup. (injectors, fuel rail, distributor, IACV, EGR, *ECU*, is the engine still set up for OBD2 or did you convert it to OBD1)

          The Euro-R swap has a bunch of weird things to get it going from what I noticed doing my swap.
          Keep Pushing..


            I'm swapping a euro r into my cb9 and I'm stuck with wiring really need help please