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Knock knock ... whos there ??

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    Knock knock ... whos there ??

    92 Accord Ex

    so upon completion of a quick tune up i notice that loud deeper knock/rattle shitz still there

    not as bad but def there

    use to have a 90 ex did the same thing ..

    is this a balance shaft issue ? usually most noticeable when high idle n morning and slight revving helps notice
    even more

    did spark plugs, valve adjustment, idle reset, timing set

    that took care of the slight ticks i heard, but that louder / deeper sound still there

    so questions about balance shaft like can they be rebalanced ? what about any bearings etc for replacement on those ?

    throw me some bones

    The balance shafts could be out of time, but that wouldn't account for a knocking. Would just make the engine shake more. There are bearings for the balance shafts, but I have *NEVER* heard of them wearing out. Even on the 1 million+ mile 4th Generation Honda Accord. If you've done the valve adjustment it could be some piston slap if it's the worst when cold.

    I'm a bit stumped here. I have 4 running 4th Gen Accords, and a buddy has 2 and none of them have a sound like you are describing. They are all up on their maintenance.
    MRT: 1993 Honda Accord SE Coupe (Lola)


      A small exhaust leak could potentially sound like a knock. I’ve never heard it on an F22A, but I’ve heard it happen on other engines.


        so I ended up replacing my oil pan and while I was under there I threw in some new bearings and it helped tremendously !!

        so new rod bearings and bottom half of crankshaft (cant get to upper with engine in )

        I could also reach in and wiggle the balance shafts so i know the bearings and seals on that probably worn bad ..

        so maybe early next year Ill pull the engine out and re-do engine overhaul so I can refresh upper bearings .. probably go racing bearings