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First Project (91 LX Sedan)

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    First Project (91 LX Sedan)

    I would like to say thanks in advance of any advice that is received here.

    This will be my maiden voyage into project cars, so go easy on me. I am no stranger to wrench turning, been an industrial electrician/mechanic for going on 6 years but I freely admit I don't know jack about cars.

    So far, I have purchased replacement parts for the front end
    • Upper control arms
    • Lower control arms
    • CV axles
    • Balljoints
    • Inner and outer tie rods
    I have also purchased a rebuilt TCU as the old one had blown several capacitors (previous owner had mechanic verify function of trans) and new window stabilizers for all 4 doors.

    I had a few overall questions about the project.
    1. Has anyone found replacement door seals (many sections have tears/cracking)
    2. What are the most straight-forward engine swaps
      1. Would be planning on doing a turbo build with a donor engine, so the original engine would be unadultered
    3. Are there any specialty tools specific to Hondas that may come in handy
    This is everything I can think of, and if any of this would be better suited to other threads, I appreciate the direction and will post separately should that be the case.

    Thanks again!

    Welcome! The only source for door seals these days is to find some in better shape on a donor car. Find the part numbers on, then do a search. There may be some on ebay or Amazon.

    The LX came with an F22A1 engine with 125 HP. The most direct swap is to the F22A6 used in the 92-93 EX and SE models. H22 is probably the next easiest. There are multiple others. I suggest doing some research in the DIY section.
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      Welcome to the forum. The only specialty tool for Honda or our car that I can really think of is the crank pulley wrench which you can find on Amazon eBay or I believe auto parts stores carry. I would also recommend getting a 36mm socket to fit on the axle nuts.

      As for motor swaps Paul covered the most direct ones, the popular choice is h22a, I personally kept and built the f22a motor and boosted it. I’m not looking into building a f23 bottom end to mate with my f22a head.

      The good thing is most swaps have already either been attempted or completed and are well documented. We even had a member working on putting an RB26 in his accord(though not sure what happened) as well as a small block v8.

      You will find that the cb7 is a very easy chassis to work on, though aftermarket support is pretty limited. Places like fatfourcustoms, kstuned, 850Fab cater to f and h series cars.
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