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Car has trouble starting/idling in cold weather

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    Car has trouble starting/idling in cold weather

    So this issue only comes up during coldish weather, the initial crank usually starts it on a dime but sometimes it hesitates a little if it has sat out in the cold weather for a while. As its idling there's nothing wrong with it but as the car comes up to operating temp it would stall, then I would have to wait for however long become the engine light goes off and then I would be able to start it again. it usually wouldn't run into the problem again for the rest of the day but if it sits out in the cold for a prolong period of time then the problem comes back.
    Could it be the dizzy? or would it be main relay?
    I've gotten mixed answers, someone even suggested coolant temp sensor but I don't want to buy parts without knowing whats causing the issue especially with the current shipping crisis.
    Thank you in advance,

    "then I would have to wait for however long become the engine light goes off and...."

    I would just start with the check engine light & go from there. Pull the code.


      Okay funny thing about it is, whenever it does that and I try to get the code, it actually turns the engine light off and starts it up immediately as if it got soft reset. Strange I assume it might be an ecu problem. I just carry the little prong tool around nowadays


        Problem came back today and it finally decided to throw codes this time, came up as 14 and 15
        14:IAC/ECU: Open or shorted out Ignition signal circuit/ No Signal to ECU
        15: Ignition Output signal: Open or Shorted ignition output signal

        Like I previously stated in the original post, this problem only occurs during the very first start when it is cold outside. Could it be a main relay issue where the solders are bad?


          Not a main relay issue. But obviously a wire issue as when it's cold it loses connection. I'd start with checking the wiring to the IAC.


            Thanks Raf, would Code 15 throw due to that wire issue too? Im not super mechanically inclined


              You're saying when you turn the ignition to run, and the check engine light comes on for a " bulb check", the fuel pump does not activate right away and you have to sit there with the ignition on until finally after some waiting you hear the fuel pump kick on and prime then the check engine light gies off and you can start the vehicle. This is a common issue with Honda/Acuras. It will be 1 of 3 things, main relay, wiring, or bad ecu.
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                The answer is actually on this forum -

                "Just to close this case... it was the coil. Swapped it out (with the one from the dizzy you sent me, Jesse... so that dizzy was a help for sure!) and everything was a-ok."