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Long Clutch Pedal Travel after Manual Swap

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    Long Clutch Pedal Travel after Manual Swap

    Hello everyone!

    A couple of months ago I finished my Auto to Manual swap in my 92 EX Coupe. Everything runs brilliant except the issue with the travel in the clutch pedal. As I'm sure many of you know that you can adjust the clutch pedal range with a bolt connected to the clutch master cylinder. Well my dilemma is that is is set to the farthest out position, anything less and the car will really struggle to go into gear. I am using a steel braded line which did happen to get bent a bit, but I'm not sure if it is enough to cause this scenario.

    I have linked some photos for further clarification.

    The travel for the pedal seems very abnormal compared to my other buddies who drive manual cb's, wanted to see if I could get some tips, the slave and master cylinder are new and bled well, maybe the ding in the braded line is the culprit? Or maybe it's something else.


    Sooo you're just referring to the total length the pedal travels (from top to bottom/floor) then ya.... mine looks like yours. These are sports cars.
    But if you're talking about the clutch catch point, that is different & involves the clutch rod adjustment. But be careful it's easy to have that bolt too much one way and then things don't work. Go by the manual and measure it.

    My pedals, clutch pedal sits higher than the brake pedal. PS - don't worry about your pinched hose, wouldn't be related to this issue.


      Sounds like there is air in the system if you are all the way out on the pedal. Can you have someone press the clutch in then you physically watch the Slave Cylinder push all the way on the throw out bearing fork?
      How is the feel of the pedal, spongey/soft?
      Keep Pushing..


        It could be the clutch pivot. Mine broke at a recent race and the clutch would not fully disengage despite pushing the pedal to the floor. Unfortunately replacing it involves removing the trans.
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