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How to make 30+hp for $500 or less... (DX/LX F22A1 only)

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    Originally posted by Shadow1
    you think removing the IABs completely would help with the gain? i mean having the IABs shouldnt effect the gain in the 1st place should it?
    Uhh, wouldn't that be like, if you had $95 in your pocket, throwing away $5 just so the person who says they will give you enough to bring you up to $100 can give more?


      If you scrap the IABS, or just remove the butterfies and keep it as a spacer, you'll probably lose some low end... but you'll probably gain some high end by removing the restriction. Since the F22 isn't a revving monster, I'd keep them in.


        the f22 stock camshaft* is not a revving monster.
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          The stock F22 internals, with 15 years of wear and mileage in the 6 figure range is not a revving monster. Neither are those tired old valve springs.

          If you're going to do simple mods, keep within the stock limits. If you want to rev more, build it so it CAN rev more.

          "Oh, I tooked my F22 to 9000 RPMs yo and itz fine dont tell me that!"
          Right. Do it daily. Or even weekly. SOME motors may survive. I wouldn't count on it.


            How long do you think they'd survive on all brand-new stock internals?


              This won't work with an EX? I thought that the DX, LX, SE, and EX had only to do with the interior of the cars...
              Originally posted by deevergote
              Speaking of sigs... aRaKNiD, yours takes up more than my entire screen. Shrink it, or I will.


                Originally posted by aRaKNiD
                This won't work with an EX? I thought that the DX, LX, SE, and EX had only to do with the interior of the cars...
                The DX and LX have the F22A1 motor. The 90-91 EX has the F22A4. The 91 and 93 SE and 92-93 EX have the F22A6.

                This will work on the F22A6 just fine... BUT, you won't gain 30hp. The point of half of these modifications is to convert the F22A1 to the F22A6, which is a 15hp difference. The F22A6 would benefit from the H23 intake manifold, and MAYBE the P12 ECU. The F22A4 header is likely to produce some gains as well.

                In the end, you'll make just as much power by starting with an F22A6, with less work. However, the impressive gain can be had by starting with an F22A1 (I did that because "gain 30hp!" is MUCH more impressive than "gain 10-15hp!"


                  thanks for the good insight on some possible upgrades


                    ok my question is kinda off topic....but does anyone have a picture of a f22a6 ecu and the stock f22a1 ecu...My friend has a accord ecu in basement plus I think i have a f22a6 ecu not sure


                      or you could loose alot of spare weight and gain even more than 30hp for $500

                      example of the formula..

                      (w) stock weight: 2800 lbs
                      (h) stock horsepower: 140hp
                      (w2) modified weight: 2700lbs

                      ((h/w2) *w)-h=hp needed to gain similar results

                      worked out:

                      140 hp / 2700 lbs = .052 hp/1b

                      0.052 *2800 = 145.19 hp

                      145.19 - 140hp = 5.19 hp would normally be needed to propel the same car at the same rate as loosing 100 lbs.

                      don't let this seem complicated ,, really look at it and study what i just did, it's verry simple and a great way to see the power you can produce by loosing say 100lbs or say 400lbs.

                      this also helps you calculate how many people in your car you can have to beat another vehicle in a race. It'll also show you that you being the only person in your car during a race is key to winning.

                      also depending on what style of racing you like a great suspension setup can account for better acceleration and speed.

                      i realize we are talking dyno #'s but i figure this would be some good info to share as well.

                      Deev has a great layout for the parts to be bought for the unpgraded a1..
                      if capable i would highly recomend the H tranny upgrade as well to firmly give you the feeling of all your power, thus allowing it to hit it's peak faster to the ground, allowing you to become a better skilled driver with quicker shifts allowing you to accell in power and skill
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                        Originally posted by deevergote
                        The 90-91 EX has the F22A4.
                        Good to know...This is my 3rd CB but I'm really just now learning all the technical stuff. Which may be pointless considering I don't know if mine has been reduced to garbage or not..."Radius Rod Connects to..." thread explains more about that.
                        Originally posted by deevergote
                        Speaking of sigs... aRaKNiD, yours takes up more than my entire screen. Shrink it, or I will.


                          im waiting to see if anyone has tried the p12 ECU experiment. a couple have tried it using the butt dyno, but nothing thats down on paper. if i have to, ill get a p12(hey Deev. send me one and ill do the work about this. lol) and see about the acceleration numbers. i got a couple of places down here in NC i can go to get a dyno done. and there a few places around here i can test out the 0-60 times too.


                            how much would a dsm turbo give me on a f22a1


                              Originally posted by cornell25
                              how much would a dsm turbo give me on a f22a1
                              it all depends on what you find really..AND the amount of car love you have in order to maintain such a beast on steroids haha i WAS gonna get several turbo parts from Trah..but i changed my mind for the H22 first. But just wanna make sure...are you asking about price of the turbo or lbs of boost?..You would probably have to do some research urself ...cuz afterall...knowledgededed is pweor1!!!

                              -New shocks
                              -New Tires/Wheels
                              -New Window Tint
                              -Alot more lovin'

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                                Originally posted by cornell25
                                how much would a dsm turbo give me on a f22a1
                                Turbos don't give a set amount of power. Depends on what turbo, how much boost, the condition of your engine, the tune of the engine, the exhaust, the intercooler, the charge piping...

                                Seeing as you're asking this question, you clearly don't know much about turbos. I suggest that you learn how a turbo system works before you even bother with it.

                                Plus, this thread has nothing to do with turbo... please don't pull it off topic.