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How to make 30+hp for $500 or less... (DX/LX F22A1 only)

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    Should add to the sticky, to NOT add the p12 to an f22a6 intake manifold. I know it already says (f22a1 only), but obviously no one sees that part. I did this, and the turn out was...

    -Butterflies not touched, plugged into the vacuum as normal. With the p12, it keeps the butterflies closed at all times. Therefore, you have an 8 ported intake system, and you're only using 4 at all times. The gain in the low end wasn't bad, but the 8 ports not opening up in the top-end, you LOSE on your top end.

    -Butterflies opened, unplugged the vacuum for the IAB system, which keeps the butterflies OPEN at all times, meaning 8 ports constantly open. You will LOSE your low-end. Your top end will NOT be the best, since the p12 isn't set to give your car the extra fuel in the top end (when the butterflies are supposed to open), will NOT feel the extra power after 4700rpms.

    I tried everything possible with this p12 on the f22a6 engine, and the only thing you can gain, is low end, but in result of that, you lose your top end. Or, lose your low end, and don't get a gain (a little loss), in top end. I got the ecu for 35 bucks, so it wasn't much of a loss, and it was more like an experiment. I didn't do this hoping for power. People told me "no, no sense in doing it", but for 35 bucks it was worth the experiment. Ended up selling it to a guy at a meet for 55. He seen the gain, because he has a f22a1.
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      That's why the P12 isn't part of the original post. It is NOT part of the $500 35hp gain.


        Yea, everyone hears about the p12, and automatically forgets about the pt6.
        98' Mustang 3V Swap
        11' VW CC R36


          The P12 is for the F22A1 ONLY. Once you use the F22A6 or H23 intake manifold, the PT6 is the way to go.


            help horsepower numbers help

            i have a f22a6 motor that is fresh it has 27000 miles on it i put on new seals and everything is fresh on the motor i was curious of about how much horsepower my car will produce with all my mods. i havent put any of this stuff on yet i have everything but the intake manifold and the throttle body... here is the list of mods

            aem cold air intake
            ngk plugs and wires
            dc header
            high flow cat
            apexi ws2 exhaust
            h23 intake manifold
            h22 throttle body bored to the limit

            i dont know where i can dyno my car in jersey so i was looking for a rough horsepower estimate. thanks guys


              Where in Jersey are you? I know of a few places.

              The motor makes 140hp in stock form. Assuming yours is rebuilt, it should be around there. Time, materials, and workmanship can change that slightly.
              With the mods... maybe another 20 at the crank? Not a whole lot... especially if you're still running a stock ECU and it's richening it up.

              Also, that question would have been better in its own thread (or not asked at all, since nobody can really give you an answer better than your own best guess...) This thread has nothing to do with your F22A6 and its mods.
              This thread is about adding power to an F22A1...


                Wake up, pay attention, use your head, please.

                Originally posted by nauticaboi9486
                voorhees nj which ecu do you suggest?
                Originally posted by deevergote. View Post
                Also, that question would have been better in its own thread ...This thread has nothing to do with your F22A6 and its mods.
                This thread is about adding power to an F22A1...


                  You'll need a custom tune. A P06 is the cheapest, but the modification and tuning isn't cheap.

                  That's the last I'm going to say about this in this thread, seeing as it has nothing to do with it.

                  In fact, I should probably just delete everything in this thread other than the first post...


                    i would say yeah
                    the fact that peeps dont do these upgrades because they dont have the majical BLACK BOX, or dont know how to make the IAB work,they afraid to use a better ecu, JUST BEACUSE THE IABS
                    Originally posted by deevergote
                    Just do what PR CB7 said.

                    "I'm Going For Wood" (Clickey Clickey)


                      i've had all 3 motors in my lx. 2 of the stock a1's , 1 a4 , and now have the a6. all backed up by a1 stock 5 speeds. i def had noticable gains in low rpm and high with the a6. its just something about the 4 grand and higher pull that it does. if u can try to find a complete a6 at ur local junk yard it will save the hassel and reep the benifis. i picked up my a6 for 450 with header and down pipe. you'll have to change the o2 sensor location, but thats just a couple wires, so yep $500 or less, 20-30 hp.
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                      the rebuild!


                        I'm locking this.

                        Yes, I know it's a great writeup. I know what I'm talking about. Surprise. You're welcome. I don't need every noob and their mother whoring their post count up by saying so.

                        I also don't need people PMing me for clarification. Read a little. Believe it or not, I've never actually done any of these things to my own car. I've researched, and helped others do it to theirs. I have provided you with FAR more than I started with myself. Please, I beg you, show a FRACTION of the initiative that my lazy ass has, and do a little learning for yourself!