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How to make 30+hp for $500 or less... (DX/LX F22A1 only)

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    Some people will sell them for as much as $100, don't spend that much though. I did once, out of desperation, and the ecu never really worked 100% anyway. Just keep scoping out a junkyard until you find a good PT6 ecu, and don't let them rip you off. Its better if they don't realize its an ECU, because they will try to rip you off realizing that they are a fortune brand new.

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      Originally posted by esskater892
      i have a f22a4 in my 1993 se
      would all of this ...

      "F22A6 camshaft - $25 (92-93 Accord EX)
      F22A6 ECU - $25
      H23A1 intake manifold and throttle body (from a Prelude SI, 92-96 I believe) - $45
      F22A6 IAB "black box" (to be able to activate the secondary runners, the intake air bypass, in the H23 manifold) - no price listed... probably $10 or so...."

      work with my car
      cuz that would be sweet
      Why do you have an A4 in your 93 SE? That should have an A6! The A4 is technically illegal in that car, since it's an older motor than the car it's in!

      As for the A6 guys, the A4 header will give you about 5hp most likely, and the H23 IM/TB, as said, will be an upgrade. The impressive 30hp claim is only for the F22A1. It'd be about 25hp on an A4, and 15 or so on an A6. The final outcome is still the same, you just have the parts already It'd cost you a bit less as well!


        if i do all of this, will i still pass smog?

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          ok so u said maybe u could get by with the stock cat...what aftermarket cat would u recommend? is there that much of a differance?


            I will go out on a limb and say yes, I never had to do smog so my knowledge is really limited, BUT if you stick to OEM parts and everything else on the motor is tight enough to pass smog, you should have no trouble.

            Now if you start with a motor that desperately needs a tune up, leaks oil like a sieve, has a worthless cat, etc, this isn't gonna make things better.

            My first cb, my 90 was always that kind of car that felt like it was held together with baling wire and duct tape, because I was a much worse mechanic.

            But the knowledge I gained from that shows in the 93 I drive now, and I'll make the bold claim that my car is pretty tip top.

            on the stairs, she grabs my arm, says whats up,
            where you been, is something wrong?
            i try to just smile, and say everything’s fine.


              The F22 parts will DEFINITELY pass smog if nothing is wrong. The H23 parts MIGHT cause an issue, but possibly not. I wouldn't think so. Nothing listed above, obviously, is a wild race part!

              As for aftermarket cats... none really do much in terms of performance. If you want aftermarket, get Carsound or SMSP ( As long as the cat doesn't create a significant bottleneck in the system, it shouldn't disrupt flow too much. If you widen the F22A4 collector and get a 2.5" exhaust as owequitit mentioned, THEN the stock cat would probably be too small, and cause a loss of power. As long as you retain the stock exhaust piping, or at least similar... you won't need bigger.


                Originally posted by Shadow1
                aftermarket wise id be happy with the I/H/E, the h23 IM, and shot of nitrous. thatll get me to be able to stick with the civics and tegs to get down the track.
                u can't do that already off of engine torque alone? i eat si civics for breakfast with a stage 1 clutch intake and exhaust on my f22
                back to do it again... no flipping of accords this time!!!

                Hit me up with techy questions if i don't have an answer i can get an answer...




                  Meh, not feeling the honda game anymore.
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                    I passed smog perfectly with I/H/E. aem cold air, dc sport header, and Greddy evo 2 2.5 inch. Just clean your EGR valve and IACV with carb. cleaner before you go and drive your car on the freeway right before to heat the cat. up.

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                      i passed smog with the mods listed in my signature, but im just worried that swapping the other parts will give me trouble

                      h23 intake manifold and tb, here i come!

                      MY CB7

                      FULL part out thread:


                        i passed smog with an A6 cam running a pt3 ecu and personally i dont think the h23 upper plenum will affect it. as long as there are no vacuum leaks and the TPS is set correctly.
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                            bah i have an F22B1 anything good you can do to that?
                            Originally posted by jboyce
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                              there shouldnt be a reason why you couldnt pass smog with OEM parts. as long as all the sensors are clean and you use regular octane gas then you should be able to pass. unless im missing something


                                Originally posted by 92cb7accord
                                bah i have an F22B1 anything good you can do to that?
                                Yeah. Remove it.