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NGK spark plug wires

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    NGK spark plug wires

    hey all! I've been looking at getting some new spark plug wires and after some research the NGK blues are what everyone seems to be suggesting. I'm personally not digging the blue and would prefer red or black question is are there any alternatives to NGK's with the same quality? Thanks!
    1991 EX Coupe

    Ive heard its not good to use other brands besides NGK, I could be wrong though.

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      Originally posted by cb7addict
      Ive heard its not good to use other brands besides NGK, I could be wrong though.

      I ran duralast wires for two and half years.


        Have had no probs with my NGK's since the switch. No probs with them. Other than NGK's I dunno though, I have heard the same story though. Better safe then sorry.
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          NGK's used to come in red. Dunno if they still do. You could get Nology wires, but they'll run you more than NGK
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            i have black MSD wires and they are great ....couple years now


              beware of knock off MSD wires on ebay...sometimes they can sucker someone into thinking that they are real MSD's

              If you want black that paint, you can always paint or wrap them in electrical tape

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                thanks for the input everyone
                1991 EX Coupe


                  OEM Sumitomo


                    Only ones I've ever run were OEM from honda or some MSD wires.

                    I'd say you get what you pay for.
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                      Originally posted by 91accordexr33
                      or wrap them in electrical tape
                      That's exactly what I did w/ mine, came out great. Basically made a quick jig to hold the cables straight between 2 objects in midair, and nicely wrapped them. For the jig, I just clamped 1 end of the cable to the workbench, the other to the drillpress stand w/ wheels, pushed the stand away until the cable was taught and wrapped it.


                        I have Bosch Platnum wires on mine now for 3 years and they have been a graet plug wire.


                          ever time i go to the local shop and the NGK wires are all was gone....

                          i use autolight for 2 years now
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                            for stock just get the ngks. if you have any mods my guess would be nology or msd but your ignition system should be enough to handle the basic bolt ons unless you have a system that drains a lot of power. no matter about color man...its all about what it does lol

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