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  • evil_demon_01
    The Beginner forums are for BEGINNERS!

    New members may make threads here. Once you get over 30 posts, you are no longer able to create new threads. You can reply to anything you want, but I've gotten tired of seeing members with 500 posts making threads in this section just because they assume more people will see them. That is very rude to our new members who ONLY have this place to post!

    Post your questions in the correct sections. Threads posted in the wrong sections may be moved or deleted (at the moderator's discretion.)
    Adhere to the "descriptive title" rule EVERYWHERE in the forum, as I will very soon be instructing the moderators to start deleting any thread that doesn't have a descriptive title, just as we do in this section.

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  • evil_demon_01
    People still can't get it through their head about certain words on this site.


    See, most words you were taught as a kid not to say aren't censored. They aren't good words to use anyways, because they make you sound immature and uneducated. Sorry e-thugs, it's the truth.

    But, even though curse words are not censored, they should NEVER be used in the title.

    Therefore, if a word you type is marked out with "*"s, there's good reason for it. Edit your post, and substitute a different word. If you don't, and a mod sees it, you'll be banned.

    This site is about Honda Accords. We don't discriminate against anyone for their race, gender, sexuality, religious beliefs, political beliefs, etc... When you type an offensive word that has been censored, but the context is clear, it's JUST AS OFFENSIVE. In fact, it's directly insulting to me, because you're pretty much saying "fuck you, deev... your rules don't apply to me!"

    People will say "well, it just says ****", or "I used other letters, like saying f@g". So that's ok, right? No. I'm going to start issuing permanent bans for things like that. They show a disrespect for the other members of this community, and an utter disregard for the rules that make this place the community that it is.

    It's now added separately to the rules. You can't say you didn't know, so...

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  • evil_demon_01
    Please do NOT reply to spam.

    Please do NOT reply to spam if you see it.

    If you see spam on the forum, please do not reply to it, or click on any links within the message.
    It will be deleted as soon as one of the moderators sees it or is notified.

    How do you know if its spam or not? If you don't recognize the username, and they only post to advertise any kind of a website, product, or service that has absolutely nothing to do with anything in this community.

    How to find and notify a moderator that is currently online:

    1.) Go to the main forum page.

    2.) Scroll down to almost the bottom. Right under "Other Automotive" there is a gray bar.

    3.) Click on "View Forum Leaders". It's on that gray bar under "Other Auto".

    4.) Scroll down to "Super Moderators" (the last section), and look for one of the buttons to the right of their s/n to be green. Hell, if more than one is online, PM both.

    5.) Click on the s/n of the online mod to PM them.

    6.) In the subject title, put in "SPAM".

    7.) In the body of the PM, copy/paste the link.

    8.) Press send.

    Keep in mind that replying to any spam post will earn you a 1 day ban.

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  • evil_demon_01
    Threads without descriptive titles will be deleted.

    Threads without descriptive titles will be deleted.
    If your thread title does not at least TRY to describe the problem... or at least identify the area that is giving you trouble... then your thread will be deleted.
    This forum is intended to be a searchable database of information, not just your personal helpdesk. If your thread title doesn't help others to find answers when they experience the same problem, it is of no use to anyone.

    No more "Help! My car broke!", "91 Accord", "New guy here", or "Is this normal?"

    If we don't have at least a vague idea of what your problem is before we open your thread, It will be deleted without warning.

    Keep this in mind once you get to the rest of the forum, because it applies there as well as here!

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  • deevergote
    If you "bump" your own thread in less than 24 hours from the time you made it, it may be deleted. Your problems are not more important than anyone else's. If someone can help you, they will.

    If your thread gets pushed off of the first page (this will take days to happen), and you still need help, then you may bump it... preferably by providing additional information, or clarifying the first post... and many times replies are not given because your question was not clear.

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  • evil_demon_01
    Any "Looking For" or "Where Can I Buy" Threads in beginner sections will be deleted.

    We do not need more of these threads at all. The answers are always the same, so please do not clutter the forums with these threads...

    The main replies to these threads are
    Junkyard or Scrapyard
    Forum Classifieds

    and so on...

    Moderators will delete these threads when found, and members who keep making them will get a warning, or possibly a ban.

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  • evil_demon_01

    If you are banned, YOU are banned... not your name.

    This means that YOU are not welcome back here for the period that you are banned... at least not to post. You're welcome to view the site.
    If you are found to have re-registered using another name, all known names will be permanently banned.

    To put it simply, you have a choice... 1,3,7 day ban, or permanent. If you don't want to be banned, don't do anything to get banned!
    The rules aren't that strict here. Basically, all we ask is for you to respect your fellow members. If you can't do that, we don't need you here anyway. A temporary ban for things like racial slurs is pretty lenient, IMO.

    If you are discovered using another name to bypass a ban, you will receive a permanent IP ban.

    If you have any questions regarding a ban, feel free to email Deevergote at He will gladly tell you why you were banned, and for how long. If you have important matters to attend to on the board, email those you need to speak to.[/QUOTE]
    Last edited by evil_demon_01; 11-25-2010, 02:52 AM.

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  • evil_demon_01
    No Region Specific Threads

    As the title says, please do not post region specific threads in this forum.

    No more "who's from Texas?" threads / meets

    There are organized, moderated, populated Regional Forums for most global areas on this website already. Just wait until you get your 30 posts, and you can access them.

    Why? Because "who's from my area" or "are there any meets in my area" threads are annoying. They don't concern 90% of the population. They make the Beginner Off Topic forum move far too quickly. And they just clutter the place up.

    Any such thread will be locked or deleted. If you re-post the thread after it has been locked or deleted once, you will be banned.
    Last edited by evil_demon_01; 05-04-2010, 05:39 AM.

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  • evil_demon_01
    No Flaming! No Whoring! No Racial / Sexual slurs!

    No Flaming.
    That means no fighting. No name calling. No attacking others. No "search noob!" crap. Nothing.
    If you're a new member and you're found flaming, you'll be banned for a day. If you're an older member (30 posts or more) you'll be banned for a week. I don't care if you're a good friend of mine, a moderator, or some guy I really don't like... you'll be banned.

    No Whoring.
    That means no unnecessary posting. Any posts that have no substance will be deleted ("" and nothing else... "nice ride" in every thread that contains a picture, etc... I know what you're doing). Any effort made to "cheat the system" will be rewarded with a post count of 0. You can start all over again! You need 30 worthwhile posts to be able to post outside the Beginner Forums.

    If someone asks a question, no matter what it is... answer it, or leave it alone.
    NO "search" replies will be tolerated. If all you say is "search", there will come a time where anybody that DOES search will only find threads saying "search"! Give an answer. If you give the same answer 20 times, so what? When someone does search, that means they'll have at least 20 answers to choose from. One might even make sense to them.
    Saying "search" helps nobody... especially when the search function sucks! You may include a suggestion to search in your answer... especially if you know that more in-depth details can be found elsewhere... but give them something to go on!
    "search" = ban. 3 days minimum.

    No Racial / Sexual Slurs / Political / Religious threads or posts.
    Any such threads / posts will be removed, and any troublemakers will be banned.
    We'd like to think the people of this forum are mature and responsible enough to have such conversations, but again, these things are not necessary on an automotive forum.

    Any posts that have Racial / Sexual Slurs will be removed and the member will be banned for 3 days minimum, depending on the context/seriousness a permanent ban may be given.

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  • evil_demon_01

    Beginners do not have the ability to have signatures.

    A Post is a post, not a thread.
    That is - You need 30 posts, NOT 30 threads.

    Once you have 30posts you are allowed a personalized signature. Each signature may contain text and/or pictures totalling no more than 500 pixels in width and 300 pixels in height.
    Anything over will be removed and you will be notified. ANY offensive content in your signature (picture OR text) will be removed by a moderator and you will be notified. Repeat offenses will result in a temporary (and eventually permanent) ban.

    No flaming of other members is allowed in signatures, just as in posts. That goes for "scammer" sigs as well. Protect yourself and you won't get scammed. Flaming in signatures will be removed, and a ban may be issued at the moderator's discretion.
    SIGNATURES MAY NOT CONTAIN OFFENSIVE IMAGES OR LANGUAGE! That is your warning. Any signature deemed offensive by a moderator will be removed without warning.

    Once you have your 30 posts, This thread explains how to make a signature:
    Last edited by evil_demon_01; 05-24-2011, 01:54 AM.

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  • evil_demon_01
    Buying / Selling / Trading

    There is NO selling OR requests to buy allowed in the beginner sections.
    Notice that there is no "Beginner Classifieds" section. There's a reason for that. Beginner members are not allowed to sell!
    If you post 30 useful posts, then you gain a little credibility. Until then, nobody should be dumb enough to want to buy from an unknown person anyway! Any "for sale" threads will be deleted.
    If you try to buy or sell items via PM, be prepared for a rude answer from many of the older members. Those who understand the reasons behind these rules won't bother.
    Asking to buy parts is also against the rules, as is trading. Just wait till you have 30 posts.

    Any threads with any sort of request for parts will be deleted immediately. Please do not make us delete worthwhile threads because you want to ask for parts!
    Telling someone to PM you regarding a part you have for sale in the Beginner Forums is STILL SELLING. It is just not public, and even worse, because it provides NO records of the transaction. Saying "I have one of those. PM me." is as good as saying "I have one of those. $***. Paypal me at ****@****.com". Such suggestions will be dealt with accordingly.
    As in, you will be banned.
    Linking or providing contact information for anyone else that is selling an item privately is also not permitted. Unless the item is being sold by a legitimate business, or is on eBay, do not attempt to provide any information.

    There is to be no buying, selling, or trading with ANY "Newcomer". Doing so will get all involved parties banned.
    If it is brought to the attention that a "Newcomer" is attempting to buy or sell items via PM or Visitor Messages, that member will be banned.
    Additionally, offering free parts is also not allowed. I understand that there is no harm in giving something away... but people will inevitably ask for items to be shipped, and then there is money involved. Keep it to the classifieds.

    Beginner members CAN NOT view the Classifieds section. This is to prevent people from attempting to buy via PM. Get your 30 posts, and you'll have full access to everything on this site. It's not that hard. If you can't wait till you get 30 posts, you are one of the people we're looking to keep out of that section!

    Unapproved solicitation of businesses (your own, your friend's, or just one you like) is not allowed. If you have a business that you would like to promote, please ask a moderator or admin for permission. Unapproved posts will be deleted, and you may be permanently banned as a spammer.

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  • Beginner Forums (post count and account limitations are explained here!)

    Welcome aboard!!

    As a beginner your posting is restricted to the beginner sections until you reach a post count of 30.
    Off Topic posts, and posts in the Image Gallery don't count, and any "whoring" (unnecessary posts) in the rest of the forum will be deleted as they are discovered.
    Excessive whoring will just get your post count reset to ZERO. Repeat offenses, or clear "I'm just trying to get to 30 posts" statements may result in a permanent ban.
    So post questions, be helpful, discuss... you'll be out in the real world soon! You can still search and read the full forum.
    Feel free to make a thread In the Beginner Off Topic section introducing yourself, and maybe a thread in the Beginner Image Gallery to show off your car.

    When you DO reach 30 posts, it may take up to an hour for your status to change. The forum refreshes once every hour, unfortunately the refresh rate cannot be changed so please be patient!
    To the older members with under 30 posts: I'm sorry for the inconvenience! Get to 30 and you're out!

    Basic Rules: (For details click on each link, or scroll down)
    1) No Buying / Selling / Trading
    2) No Signatures for users with less than 30 posts
    3) No Flaming! No Whoring! No Racial / Sexual slurs!
    4) No Region Specific Threads
    5) If you are Banned
    6) Any "Looking For" or "Where Can I Buy" Threads in beginner sections will be deleted.
    7) Do not "bump" your threads.
    8) Threads without descriptive titles will be deleted.
    9) Please do NOT reply to spam.
    10) Censored Words.
    11) The Beginner forums are for BEGINNERS!

    Why are the rules so harsh? Well, here in the Beginner forum, We don't think anyone deserves to be attacked for any reason. No matter how dumb or repetitive a question is, it's welcome here. The anti-flaming rules carry on throughout the rest of the board. They just carry harsher penalties for the older members in here!

    As a new member with less than 30 posts, you will be expected to learn how things work on this site. This is to ensure that you understand what is expected from you once you are able to post elsewhere.
    Thread titles must be descriptive of the thread's contents, or the thread will be deleted.
    Any selling, flaming, etc... will result in a ban. Possibly permanent.
    Any whoring will get your post count reset, and eventually get you banned.
    You will be expected to express yourself clearly. If your posts are not easily understood, you will hear about it... and your posts will be deleted. The only exceptions to this are if you are not a fluent English speaker, or if you have a disability that prevents you from expressing yourself clearly in writing (such as severe dyslexia.)
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