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  • evil_demon_01
    While you are browsing

    If you have any issues or concerns with any member of this site, then feel free to contact a Moderator, or Administrator about the issue/concern you have via Private Message.
    Your Private Message to the Moderator/Administrator will be kept confidential between you and the Moderator/Administrator.
    Then the issue/concern will then be dealt with by the Moderator/Administrator as necessary.

    Please note:
    If you decide to Private Messgae the Member in question and it gets out of hand, please save the Private Messages and talk to a Moderator or Administrator.

    Moderator/Administrator list can be found here --> Admin / Moderators

    If the issue/concern you have involves a Moderator or Administrator.

    Then please contact the owner directly via Private Message
    His contact details can be found on his Profile page here --> deevergote

    Thankyou to everybody from CB7Tuner Staff.
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  • evil_demon_01
    started a topic Policies Policies

    We here at try to ensure that we protect our members from scammers and/or thieves as best possible with the least amount of inconvenience possible. accepts NO responsibility for any events or sales transactions that may take place outside of this website.

    Examples of outside websites may include (but are not limited to):

    *Social networking websites/groups/pages such as: Facebook, MySpace, Twitter etc

    *Classifieds sites such as: Craigslist, E-bay etc.

    *Similar websites such as:,, etc

    Any events or transactions that take place outside are of no concern to this website.

    IF you decide that you have an issue with another member of (as a result of a concern on another website) and you publicly decide to make a point of it, you will be banned at the discretion of the Admin/Moderator that finds the thread.
    Most cases will result in a permanent ban from

    Please note that sales/trades/services which occur in the classifieds section of are subject to their own rules and regulations which can be found here -

    Thankyou to everybody from CB7Tuner Staff.
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