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Welcome to the Traditional Classifieds section.

IF you have less than 5 posts, you are not permitted to buy or sell on this site. Please do not contact members regarding their items. Access to this section is denied to members with less than 5 posts!

If you have 5 posts or more, read on. You must read this thread carefully in order to access the Classified sections.

Buy and sell at your own risk. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! has absolutely NO power to control scammers, thieves, lazy people, or the various methods of shipping. We offer NO insurance, and buying from a member in these forums is a risk.

The ONLY thing you have to go on is your na´ve trust of someone you don't know, can't get to, and have never met before. Just because they drive a similar car (or say they do) does not mean they can be trusted!

Just because OTHER people have had good luck, doesn't mean you will. Each transaction is an independent event.

No whining, complaining, flaming, or "warnings" will be tolerated.

Alerting other members to a scammer is NOT permitted. You are not helping anyone by doing so, just creating a mess of flaming here on the board.
The staff has provided a resource in the ebay-only forum for your protection. If you chose to ignore it, that's on you. THAT is all the warning and protection the members here need.

So, if you choose to access these forums to buy and sell, do so at your own risk. accepts NO responsibility for the transactions that occur, and any issues WILL be handled outside of (PM communication is allowed... nothing public is permitted). No public discussion of issues will be tolerated. By accessing these forums, you agree to these terms and accept the risk. The p.ass werd to enter the forums is foglight. This p.ass word is in place so people will HAVE to read this disclaimer and accept the terms! You should have full access to the forums without having to type the p.ass word as long as you have cookies enabled, after the first time. If these rules are ever amended, the p.ass word will change. This sticky is set up so people must read it to access the classified forums. Sharing the p.ass w.ord with people who are too lazy or stupid to read this is not allowed. A one-week ban will result (longer if the banning moderator sees fit).

Sharing the password on other forums, if discovered, will result in a one-month ban minimum. That is sneaky, and not appreciated. Your "helping" is putting both new and old members at risk.

Thank you,
deevergote Administrator

Note: DO NOT PM, email, IM, or otherwise contact me to ask me for the password. I will not give it to you. You'll be wasting both your time and mine!
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Ebay Only Classifieds - RULES and INTRODUCTION. (EDITED 11/21/10. PLEASE READ!!!)

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    Ebay Only Classifieds - RULES and INTRODUCTION. (EDITED 11/21/10. PLEASE READ!!!)

    Welcome to the Ebay-Only Classifieds forum.

    This is the ONLY classifieds forum endorsed by While it is not 100% foolproof, Ebay provides the most protection possible when buying and selling on the internet. To avoid losing your money or parts, we encourage you to ONLY partake in transactions through ebay. Any issues can be handled through ebay at that point, and there is a chance you may be reimbursed.

    There will be instructions added shortly on the proper way to set up a one-on-one transaction.

    ONLY links to YOUR products may be posted. If you are not the seller, please do not post a link!

    Descriptive titles will help you sell!

    Please do not request items to buy.

    There are no "testing waters" threads permitted in this forum!

    ALL disputes MUST be settled through ebay! Disputes are not to be discussed publicly here on

    Please respect each other.

    Anyone posting items for sale that are not on ebay in this forum may be banned for a week. You may also lose the privilege to access ANY of the Classified forums as well!

    Once your auction is over and the item is sold, please delete your thread to keep this forum neat! The mods will not do it for you!

    This is taken directly from Ebay:

    Pre-approving bidders and buyers
    You can create your own pre-approved bidder/buyer list for any item and only allow those on your list to bid or buy.

    Each pre-approved list specifies the eBay members who can bid on your item or purchase it with Buy It Now.

    Any user who is not in your pre-approved list will be asked to contact you by email before they can place a bid or purchase your item.

    Each pre-approved list only applies to one item, so you can restrict bidding or buying on one of your listings without changing the others.

    You can add and delete pre-approved bidders/buyers until your listing ends.

    By pre-approving buyers, you can arrange one-on-one sales. That way, there is no risk of accidentally selling an item to someone other than the intended buyer, and there will be no risk of a bidding war... unless, of course, that is what you want!


      The address for donations is

      And yes i was absent for a while and when i came back no more for sale forums and i was like omfg what did they do

      and then they were back so yes its a good thing.


        DO NOT post Craigslist ads in this section. This is for Ebay sales only. Craigslist does not offer the level of protection that Ebay offers.