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Hood sits lopsided... but with the latch off it sits perfectly...

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    Hood sits lopsided... but with the latch off it sits perfectly...

    Like the title says... I just installed my new Fiber Images hood (got it from 90cb7beast, who got it from someone else).

    Now, my old hood always sat a little crooked. The CF hood sits even more so. The passenger side has about a 2/3" gap over the headlight, and the driver's side is almost touching the headlight. However, when I pulled the latch off completely, the hood sat PERFECTLY!

    So, this leads me to believe the latch is what is causing my hood to sit so poorly. I've messed with the height as much as I could... dropped one side, raised the other, etc... Nothing seems to work. Maybe I could try to move the entire latch over a bit?

    Anyone have any experiences or suggestions?

    from my experience, it just sounds like you need to adjust the latch a bit. I deal with fitting hoods a lot at work and the latch is usually the culprit. Just losen the latch, shut the hood, get it where you want it, then pop the hood and tighten it. If that doesn't work then i dunno what to tell ya.


      It just sucks that getting the hood to actually lock in place is tough... I needed to shave the loop on the hood to get it to fit (it's fatter than the stock one...) I'll give that a shot though!


        Just dont substitute Looks for safety.

        make sure that latch locks and holds good cuz you dont want it flying open on the highway!


          For sure! I pulled on it pretty hard, and it seems quite solid... I certainly hope it is!


            true true so is it fixed??

            How does it line up??

            I demand pics


              Hondatuner4267 told me last night that DG_Accord's CF hood flew up and killed his windshield and put a dent in the roof. The latch loop failed. He did not have hood pins.

              Get hood pins, don't worry.
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                Originally posted by The G-Man
                Get hood pins
                I agree.

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                  I'll get pics. Maybe tomorrow (since my job involves me driving and taking pictures...)

                  I don't want to do pins. I hate the way hood pins look, and my car is damn near the color of carbon fiber (which is why I love the idea of it... you almost can't tell it's CF I'm weird like that) If I HAVE to go that route, I'll get some anodized black ones with CF surrounds.

                  Anyway, I drove to work (my other work) today with it, got up to 60mph a few times... no issues. It didn't look like it was trying to lift either.


                    having driven a car with a carbon fiber hood with a broken hood latch (after my accident) a hood should come up at about 30-35 mph!

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                      I have the same sits flush on the driver's side, but raised up on the pass. side...

                      Everyone who sees it from the pass side says, "Hey your hood is popped open..."
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                        Maybe enlarge the holes on the latch plate itself if the adjustment is maxed out, that could be a possiblity


                          those rubber bumps on top of the radiator support above the headlights are adjustable, they screw in and out to sit higher or lower...

                          think this through with me:

                          with the latch on, one side is good, the other side is too low.

                          if you raise the bumper on the side thats too low, itll hold the hood up higher. to go along with this, youd have to raise the latch half as high as you raised the bumper...

                          try that. hood alignment isnt just the latch, its those rubber bumpers as well...

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                            Yeah, I played with the bumpers... The high side doesn't touch it, and the low side doesn't seem to do anything. I think the latch could be moved a little to the driver's side. I'm going to pull the grille off, unbolt the latch, and see where it wants to sit. If the holes don't match up, I'll try to drill them out a bit on the latch so I can bolt it down where it wants to sit.


                              My CF hood that i purchased from jdmkid does the same thing but the drivers side. I think ima go hood stand off.... have no choice. And check the latch from time to time. I hate hoodpins, kinda kills the looks of an OEM style cf hood IMO.

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