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Looking for OEM Shift Boot & Collar

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    Looking for OEM Shift Boot & Collar

    Or, anything compatible. I have my center console and the boot setting plate, but I do not have the boot collar or the boot itself. The parts are discontinued.

    I am a little skeptical on buying a "universal" boot, besides, I need the collar too! I have the OEM knob.

    Does anyone know what other boots are compatible with the '90 LX coupe center console? Or where I can get new parts? Thanks

    Last year , maybe 2 years ago there was a guy selling 5 of them on ebay. I bought one. Was new in OEM bag etc. Can't find that purchase or the item anywhere now.
    Found this though, but not OEM -


      That's definitely cheaper than the custom one I had made by a local upholstery shop to match my door panels.

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        I checked Majestic and a few other places, and nothing. This place appears to have some, though:

        Here's one on Amazon for an interchange part number, but there's no photo:

        For more searching, the part numbers you're looking for are: 83414-SM4-003ZA, 83414-SM4-013ZA, 83414-SM4-033ZA, 83414-SM4-023ZA
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