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CB7 Light Bulb Application Guide

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    CB7 Light Bulb Application Guide

    This is a list of sizes for 90-93 replacement bulbs. It was compiled using a 1993 EX Sedan for reference, but 90-92 and coupes/wagons should be the same. If you have any changes or additions, please let me know.

      door courtesy lights: 3022 (also 3175) (10mm fuse-style)
                dome light: 3022 (also 3175)
               trunk light: 3022 (also 3175)
                 glove box: 3022 (also 3175)
        cluster indicators: 74 (check engine light, battery light...)
      cluster illumination: two 74 (overhead lights, so you can see needles)
               gauge faces: three 194's (also 168) and two 74's
        dashboard switches: tiny 12v twist-base peanut (OEM only, part number below)
           climate control: medium 12v twist-base peanut (OEM only, part number below)
          heat & fan knobs: 74
    cigarette lighter ring: 74
                  ash tray: 74
    ignition key hole ring: 74
      auto shifter letters: 74
                   corners: 194 (also 168)
      front running lights: 194 (also 168)
               sidemarkers: 194 (also 168)
                 low beams: 9006 (H4 for JDM headlamps)
                high beams: 9005 (H1 for JDM headlamps)
              brake lights: 1157 (dual filament 1156-style)
     front bumper blinkers: 3497 (1156 can be squeezed in)
             rear blinkers: 1156
       rear running lights: 194 (also 168)
            reverse lights: 1156
          high mount brake: 3497
             license plate: 906 (also 921 and 194... has a 194-style base)
    stock 90/91 fog lights: H3
    stock 92/93 fog lights: H3-C (acura dealer-1st gen TL, or: 33165-SM4-003)
            rear fog light: either 3497 or 1156 ?
        visor mirror light: thin fuse style (OEM only, part number below)
       spoiler brake light: red 5mm LED bar
    Special thanks to scudweiser for the following information:
    the oem part numbers for the neo wedge bulbs are as follows:

    39397-SA5-003 - climate control illumination

    35851-SB2-003 - cruise control and sunroof illumination

    35851-SM4-003 - hazard and defrost illumination (and probably fog)

    35505-SM4-901 - dimmer knob illumination

    35511-SM4-000 - defroster and foglight indicator bulb

    34273-SA5-941 - sun visor mirror light
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