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Projector Retrofitting.....

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    Projector Retrofitting.....

    I know I should use the search bar.....but I never really could find exactly how to do this conversion. I don't know the best pieces of headlights to use. I will be using 92-93 headlights, but what kind of projectors work best? And how will I go about getting them mounted into the headlights themselves? Another thing....what lens for the actual headlight works best? I am thinking about using a clear lens....but then again...I'm not too sure. Someone please enlighten me on this subject. I will be using my 8000K HID'S....I am always getting bright lighted, and I don't want to blind people. I origionally planned on using 92-93 blacked out lights...but since I'm running the HID'S, I am starting to think I need a cut-off somewhere. I know projectors focus the light more to one area, so the beam isn't scattered creating more light output for the driver. But anyways I need some answers! Thanks.

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    Originally posted by 91hybridaccord
    I know I should use the search bar

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