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Anyone have access to a flow bench?

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    Anyone have access to a flow bench?

    Whats up guys.

    Curious as the title states if anyone has access to a flow bench.

    I want to hog out an f22b1 cylinder head and I would like to see the before and after numbers. I have a friend thats flowing over 310cfm through his intake side, over 240cfm on the exhaust side and I am interested in doing the same. He paid out the wazoo for the work, and I was going to copy his dimensions and go from there.

    Every machinst in town wants to do the port work themselves and charge me a shit ton for it($1000+).

    Im not really interested in that, i want to do the porting myself-Im pretty capable and willing to fail if I do so.

    I paid $100 bux for the entire engine, TB to oil pan-so forking out ass tons of money for port work just seems silly.

    I would consider paying for some machine work(like new guides, OS valves) if that was a deal breaker to anyone that was interested in helping me. Ill probably want to ship it back and forth 2-3 times. Looking for initial results with porting on stock valves, after OS valves, and after final P&P.

    Im open to ideas, I just need to find someone with a flow bench and reasonable rates. Looking for a 3 week to a 1 month turn around time in between each step. Will pay for shipping to and from.

    A "buddy deal" would of course be ideal, but Im not looking to get over on anyone. I understand time is money. Im running into the same attitude that a mechanic gives when you bring him the parts and just want to pay for labor though.

    I want to do the work myself, and the machinsts around town are douche canoes about helping a fella out with using their nifty toys.

    Any takers/suggestions?
    Originally posted by wed3k
    im a douchebag to people and i don't even own a lambo. whats your point? we, douchbags, come in all sorts of shapes and colours.