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Fuel cut off, Redline, or peak hp?

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    Fuel cut off, Redline, or peak hp?

    Kay......1. racing to fuel cut off really help when it comes to pulling through 2nd or bad for engine? 2. I can't seem to find my peak hp. I have no way to get to a dyno, how can find my peak hp?
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    If your car is stock you can find out the powerband by runnin it to redline. Bounce off the redline too much will result in slower times and a blown engine overtime depending on your setup. your best bet would be to runt he car and precisely or closely as possible match the shift just before the very tiny bit before you hit redline without bouncing off the rev-limiter. That way you fall back in your power band and repeat this through all the gears except reverse lol and your good. If you cant seem to find your power we really cant help you on that the thing is you have to find that on your own. If you dont feel anything then that means you need a stronger motor like an h22 lol


      I think grumpy/midnite racer x has a dyno of a stock f22. Check with him and you'll find your peak hp



        Originally posted by 92ex
        I think grumpy/midnite racer x has a dyno of a stock f22. Check with him and you'll find your peak hp
        Could do that but it also depends on how he maintained his car and the conditions and such. But looking at MRX graph might be able to give you a brief idea. But a dyno is your best friend if you can get to one. And racing all the way to the rev limiter is fun the first two times then when your car starts running like shit or acting up your gonna be spendin money and quite a bit of it.

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