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Turbo power ratings sorted by engine type

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      gonna add my f22a numbers

      Formerly 91AccordExR33
      11.68 @ 127mph
      Sold: 8/2016


        Originally posted by 91accordexr33
        gonna add my f22a numbers
        OMG MOd abuse!
        I keed, I keed.
        Once my brother has his turbo rebuilt and is tuned/dyno'd, I will post and add his numbers as well.
        2010 Taurus SHO - Livernois Goodies
        2002 BMW 330 CI Convertible - HUNK OF JUNK


          Originally posted by chessboxer View Post
          I posted this in an old thread, but here is the breakdown of the most powerful turbo motors by motor type. I've tried to include psi, turbo size, and power levels.

          Straightedge - 402whp / 325wtq Holset@ 20psi F22a
          Turbo90accord - 315 whp/ 297 wtq T3/T04 60-1@14.5psi F22a SOHC
          Dep22build - 300 whp/315 wtq t3/t4 hybrid@16psi F22a1/h23 head
          Chessboxer - 244whp/239wtq 14b@12 psi f22a1
          quickangel93- 243whp/235wtq 14b@12psi f22a6/a1
          youngJAY - 201whp/212wtrq 14b@ 8 psi f22a6
          Quaidum-198whp/207wtq f22a6 sohc 13c turbo
          91accordexr33 - 188whp/188wtq F22a4 sohc 16g@8psi auto trans
          Mullet - 179whp/217wtq @10psi F22a SOHC

          F22B DOHC
          CBL - 313 whp/298 wtq GT32@14psi F22B DOHC
          hurricanedsm - 270whp, F22B DOHC, turbonetics 54 trim 10-12psi
          gdout90accord - 247whp/246 tq@9psi t3t4 F22B DOHC
          92ex - 194whp/205wtq 14b@8psi F22B DOHC

          F22B SOHC
          91accordexR33 - 307 whp/298wtq GT30R@20psi F22b1 SOHC
          4doorkiller - 230whp/245wtq t3/t4OB@ 10psi JDM F22B SOHC VTEC

          Accord_SIR - 414 whp/ 334wtq SC61@???psi H22
          Mozzandherb - 248whp/190 wtq t3/t04e@8psi H22a

          93sleeper 504 hp/437 tq t3/t4@ 20 psi H23 DOHC
          bjaccord - 280whp/258wtq t3/t04e@9.5psi h23 DOHC
          oneoffaccord - 241whp/243wtq t3/t04e@ 8psi H23 DOHC

          LoDollar92LX - 526 whp/ 400 wtq T3/T04R@18psi G22vtec
          Turboh22accord - 292 whp/238 wtq t3/t70@12psi G23vtec

          Alex EX - 194whp/198wtq 14b@7psi F20A DOHC
          MidnightRayne - 174whp/194 wtq H23 DOHC

          The complete list, from here

          Just add your info in a new post and I will update this thread.
          Also, whenever I get some dyno time, I will update the numbers for my big 16g setup.
          miss my turbo cb7
          moved onto volvos. dont know how that happened, just did


            Added you good sir.
            2010 Taurus SHO - Livernois Goodies
            2002 BMW 330 CI Convertible - HUNK OF JUNK


              not so new but needs updated numbers


              Going for much more end of july

              EDIT:11 PSI
              Last edited by bjaccord; 06-27-2008, 05:17 PM.
              Turbo H23a3 build has begun


                damn this is nice, i cant wait till the next dyno for me


                  New numbers:

                  344whp/320tq @ 15psi
                  Turbo H23a3 build has begun


                    Updated the list for you Mike

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                    My 5.7 LS1 Holden Ute

                    A "Finished" project car is never finished until its been sold.

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                      Originally posted by lo-specials View Post
                      The H22 from Dutchaccord is about 354 HP. Don't know the exact specs.
                      Dutch's engine wasn't in a CB7 it was in the EDM CG9...
                      I don't know if that still counts.

                      If it does 354hp/291tq @ 10Psi, GT3076R
                      No Honda There will be one eventually...
                      1996 Volvo 960 2.5i 24v autotragic


                        i doubt chassis matters.

                        (if it doesn't) F22a1, T3super60 @ 10psi: 250hp/275lb-ft

                        BB2F22-T3super60:250hp/275lb-ft @10psi


                          Twokex im right there with you..although a slipping clutch prevented me from doing the 15psi pull that I wanted. So we had to backdown to 10psi

                          1992 ex 4dr frost white
                          210k engine
                          Ebay turbo kit
                          Log manifold
                          T3/t4 63ar
                          Large fmic
                          Hks ssqv knock
                          Dsm 450cc
                          2.25 exhaust
                          S2k muffler(restriction)
                          Basemapped/partial street tune

                          No dynotune was possible the turbine seals have gone bad on the turbo..the smoke causes my wideband readings 2 be off(well the shops wideband anyway) mine is down right now. not too shabby considering at first we didn't have an oil restrictor

                          So basiclly this map was compiled from previous f22a maps I've done and the use of a det wideband was used (yet) more power left IMO..if it would hold 15psi (does fine on the street though lol)

                          Dynoplot was done at such a high rpm due to fear of slipping..and even at 10psi u can see the graph towards redline become wavey(signs of slipping)

                          New turbo..wideband tune...15psi..I promise 300wheel..on this beater block..hehe

                          Last edited by WiKKeDV16; 12-20-2008, 12:13 PM.

                          Praise The Lowered...


                            ^ Nice numbers Carlito
                            can't wait to get Susie on the Dyno

                            -->751 whp @ 27psi <--...Midnight Tuning <----


                              hella good numbers for a ebay kit man good job

                              93 EX COUPE, F22A6 turbo project
                              96 lexus sc300 DD

                              back from basic.... off to ait.... CB still being worked on i have mad plans for it .. sorry cant tell its on the hush hush for now but all i can say in somewhere around 500 hp soon to come..


                                ill always say.. 3" exhaust. and some bigger injectors.. and that car would of been capable of close to 300wheel..

                                it sadly got a spun bearing.. after about a year of torture.. but hey.. 220k block.. lol.. so meh.. it did its job

                                Praise The Lowered...