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turbo installation instructions

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    the OP is no longer selling the kits but you can easily find most of them in a junk yard, oil lines from stealthmode (if they still exist), and an ECU from someone on this site like D112crzy. You might need to buy some other stuff like couplers and charge pipes from ebay.
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      Sorry to bring this back to life again lol.. BUt im going to be doing this set up in about a month or two after i have everything i need...

      First off AWSOME right up, thanks this helps a million, second..

      What ECU chip would i be needing for an F22a1? would i just be able to get the setup installed and drive the car? would i need a map clamp? diode?

      And for those who havent seen this site yet here you go and sorry if its a repost..

      Now before anyone goes off and says SEARCH!! I DID! but for some reason the site doesnt seem to understand what i type and i get A bunch of other things instead of what im looking this thread being one of them... I tried Dsm map clamp, dsm setup, Map clamp, diode and i get just about the same thing as i would if i just clikc search withough typing in anything at all ...


        you can't just put a chip in and drive. you must have the ecu tuned for your engine before you can drive it


          Damn i miss spelled a bunch of things.. My pain meds are good lol.. sorry bout that...


            Originally posted by 90F22A View Post
            Damn i miss spelled a bunch of things.. My pain meds are good lol.. sorry bout that...
            Check this thread out. Most people go with a p06 ecu (check out the list of ecu's that will work though).

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            Originally posted by chillin943
            anyone kno if i can just make a hot wire for v-tec off the horn??
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