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a good affordable wastegate

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    a good affordable wastegate

    the turbo manifold i have is a log style with the waste gate mount on top..which wastegates can i use that will clear the hood..and wont break the bank? thanks

    how cheap we talkin?like $100 or less.if so ebay has emusa wastegates.its a knock off company but its a good knock off company like megan.they probably last you a few years.

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      I wouldn't even do that. Most quality wastegates start at $300. Hell, even OBX's wastegate weighs in at $200. If you can't afford that, I would suggest looking into a used one.
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        right. i know the emusa ones are good a few of my friends have them.but the issue being is it being too tall..i might buy from them..luckily they are 10 miles away from me.


          Bump for emusa , wish I would have known that before I bought my 1st ebay wastegate. Am running an 38mm a emusa and it works well
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            Don't cheap out on turbo parts. You're asking for trouble.


              Originally posted by Raf99 View Post
              Don't cheap out on turbo parts. You're asking for trouble.
              It depends ... Some things are hit or miss. I wont go cheap with injectors again .
              The emusa wastegate holds very consistent boost.
              I had my tuner add boost cut just to be safe.
              If buying cheap parts gets somone on the road boosted I say go for it as long as the parts work. I got a half way deacent turbo for my civic and the rest was cheap.
              I had issues with eBay injectors so I had to buy python 550s.i also has issues with the cheap $45 wastegate right off the bat but I get a $60 emusa and its been working fine.
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                buy a Tial wastegate. Worth the money. No reason to cheap out and end up buying the same component twice just because your cheap.

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