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turbo choice

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    turbo choice

    I'm going to boost my cb7 dsm way. Got dsm t25 turbo but it is too small for f22. Was going to look for 14b or 16g but not many of them in Poland and they are expensive. I thought I can use td04 16t from volvo t5 or td04 15g from saab aero. Both cars are 2.3 l and about 230-250 hp. so should be good for cb. From diy posted by Domesticated (great diy between) learned how to read flow maps and have studyed both maps of mentioned above turbos. It looks they will be ideal. i'm going to blow 7 psi, stock internals, my goal is about 200 whp. Want boost from 3500 rpm to 6500. At this range these turbos have good efficiency and will spool from 90000 to 11000 rpm. What do you think about my choice?Do you have any tips? Any other turbo models suggestions? Can I use turbocharger from diesel for example? Plenty of turbodiesels here. What letter "t" and "g" means?

    I have a spare 14b that I can send you but needs a rebuild started to burn oil so took it out and put my spare one one. But I dont know how much shipping is to send it out there.


      The turbos from the Saab and Volvo should work just fine. The DSM turbos are popular because the DSM turbo manifold fits the F22A with minor modification. Those 14b and 16g turbos bolt right onto the manifold.
      To use the Saab or Volvo turbos (not sure what they use... Borg Warner or IHI, perhaps...) you will need to find or make a manifold that will be compatible. Look into the cost of doing that... as it may even out the cost of just paying for the 14b and compatible manifold (either from the US or Japan.)

      Another thing to consider is ordering a complete turbo kit from It might be expensive to ship, but the parts are decent quality, the price is fair, and everything is brand new. It might be worth the price to know you have brand new parts that will definitely work.

      I'm glad to see you did your research in picking your turbo. Few people do that these days!