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need help with my turbo quick!!!!!!

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    need help with my turbo quick!!!!!!

    I put in a 14b w/ 450cc's on my car this past weekend, it is all up and running alright. I did the NGK plugs 1 step colder and closed the gap to .028" and bought a new cap and rotor but these things did not help the situation. The only thing wrong with it is that it will not idle good. It will idle "OK" at 850 or so for about 15sec then it will drop to about 550 and almost die then will shoot back up to 850 or so but it misses pretty bad the whole time it is at idle and up to 1500. When I am at about 2000rpm and above and even under boost it runs perfect no detonation or anything pure power not even a miss but when I slow down it just seems like it doesnt want to idle for shit. The ECU is from R33 so it must be great I mean no CEL's and great power!!!! (thanx Eric) but I cant seem to figure out what is causing it to run so horrible at idle. Any help would be great!!!!!!!

    mess with the plugs.... -justin-


    H23A1 (60,000 miles)
    tranny (no grinds)
    DC header w/ heat wrap
    full exhaust with angled N1 Canister....
    $1000 obo delivered



      Did you check the fast idle valve? That would be the most likely culprit. It could also be a vacuum leak somewhere which would be a bitch to fix. Search on here for how to fix the fast idle valve. It could have been thrown off whenever you turboed it or you could have knock a vacuum line loose.


        I tried checking for vacum leaks and nothing, I dont know where else to look at. I had weird luck today when I was running my A/C today it ran perfect while it was on, just every once in a while the idle would drop but not that bad!!! I guess it is a vacum leak but where else do I check any suggestions!!!!


          like they said, check your idle valves, adjust your idle screw, ect ect. the new chip is on the way, hopefully it will solve the problem. ill continue to try my best to help you out

          Owner of


            How can I adjust the fast idle valve I dont see anwhere to adjust it and as for the idling screw I did mess with it but?????? Also I regapped the plugs to .030" and that did not fix the miss. The miss fireing is my main concern because it only does it at idle but anything above 2500 RPM is absolutly beautiful no misfires or anything all you hear is the BOV and turbo!!!! sounds real good too


              I hope u get this figured out man, ill be gettin mine done soon, and if i run into the same prob.. id like to know how to fix it, haha
              *on the lookout for an h22 swapped 5 spd accord*

              now for my P.O.S winter car/daily

              1992 4dr escort lx hatch
              NO MUFFLER-wrx sti tip(got fo free)
              5 spd