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Turbo engine pics thread!

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    this is a pic of under hood it looks ok much cleaner in person.

    My drag Intercooler, I can't belive it actually fit as nice as it does.

    Same picture as above with hid's on


      Ok... i took a loonngg tyme to get sum pixx together but here they are finally..... dont mind the ghettoness of sum of the tubing and the whole bay, itll be cleaned up by the end of the winter....

      I had to hack the SHITT outa my bumper to get that JonnyRacecar IC to fit.... but it mounted up perrrffeectly to the bumper support...

      The IC charge pipes were a BITCH with that damn SFP manifold and havin my turbo cocked to the side like that. Gonna get the IC pipes powdercoated with my valve cover probly

      BlitZ BOV
      2 FAL low pro fans in FRONT of the radiator
      Garrett T3/T04E 60 trim compressor 63 trim turbine - 7psi
      valve seals are blowin oil like crazy
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        Since I am now boosted I figured I would post my setup (although not an accord) .

        My setup is the following:

        RC 440 injectors
        Evasive MS obd2<>obd1 harness
        Chipped p28 on crome on 7psi
        15G turbo
        SS oil lines
        Greddy FMIC (painted black)
        Greddy Type-S BOV
        2.5" downpipe to 2.5" mandrel bent exhaust (no cat as of yet )
        2.25" black intercooler piping
        Autometer bezel (replaces bezel by stock speedo/tach and very clean)

        I took pictures and I just need to post edit them and I will update my post
        No more cb7, 7 years of ownership and 196K on the ticker before she was sold

        Current beast: 98 ej8 on 7psi with a 15g turbo and other goodies!

        NREMT-B | 300D and some glass


          well i guess id better get in on the action.

          14.5lbs every day!!!

          -stock f22a4 block
          -a6/h23 hybrid intake manifold
          -ported h23 throttle body
          -550cc injectors
          -t3/t4 60-1 turbo
          -custom tubular exhaust manifold- real tubes not log style crap.
          -apexi hybrid intercooler
          -blitz DD blow off valve
          -3 inch custom made down pipe w/
          v-band clamps
          -hand made and fitted 3 inch down pipe
          -2 3/4" custom exhaust no cat
          w/ 3 "apexi n1 muffler
          -aem eugo wideband gauge
          -greddy profec E-01 boost controller
          -greddy catch can
          -dx rear mount
          -custom front mount
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          My Wiretuck/ Insane engine bay
          member ride thread
          11.86@120mph T66 turbo 612hp F22A
          People can hate all they want, my f22 is faster than yours.
          I have literally been on this site for 10 years, I know what i am talking about!
          John 10:18 "No one takes it from me, but I lay it down of my own accord. I have authority to lay it down and authority to take it up again. "


            Just for the hell of it . Yes I am being incognito about things right now...



              stock internals
              using mrx's timing map on uber 1.7
              turbo is a t3 60 trim from the vg30et z
              still haven't had time to get pics of the mount i made.
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                Pics finally:

                Just can't wait for warmer weather for my lips and skirts. That and I now have ctr mirrors instead of those elephant ears .
                No more cb7, 7 years of ownership and 196K on the ticker before she was sold

                Current beast: 98 ej8 on 7psi with a 15g turbo and other goodies!

                NREMT-B | 300D and some glass


                  heres my first setup it was a drag kit with a t3 t04e lil guy

                  on da dyno

                  thats what it made very safe tune with hondata s200 440s stock with head gasket @12psi


                    heres my new project !

                    this is what i have in san antonio to rep my love for cb7s
                    since then i have sent out my h22a4 to get sleeved and full build but for now im going to be running a g23 vtec that i am putting to gether right now so i can drive my car. i have 880cc injectors flowed and balanced. The m2y4 tranny and adding an obx lsd later.
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                      heres my old setup. currently its n/a awaiting a 2.3l vtec transplant and completely new setup. no junkyard parts this time.


                        Pics of set up.200hp@4000rpm it doesnt make power after 4k still didnt finish tunning.
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                        My whips!
                        97 eliteS 50cc sold
                        90 CB coupe lx h22 turbo(ITS GONE!)
                        93 CB 4dr ex/se
                        85 Hilux 4x4(chevy 350)traded
                        80 Hilux 2wd still got it
                        73 Opel GT garage queen
                        92 cx hatch b16a ran into the ground
                        93 si hatch b16a type-r trans parted out
                        92 dx hatch fully built GSR "huge" fmi sold
                        09 4dr 4x4 Tacoma small lift daily beater
                        93 dx hatch b16a2 (old team rice car) was free!





                            flyyyyyy like the wind


                              bump for a new valve cover

                              Formerly 91AccordExR33
                              11.68 @ 127mph
                              Sold: 8/2016


                                It's not a cb7 but my prelude does have an f22....

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