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Turbo engine pics thread!

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    Well i finally re-fabed my mani so it sitts more parallel to the ground and i FINALLY stopped my fuckin oil burnin after almost 2 fuckin years!!! just figured i would share the new setup.... we refabed the mani, the downpipe and mt lower charge piping... nothing major changed save for the fact that we ran an open dump on my wastegate, although its sadly not as loud as i thought it would be... oh and dont mind the nast DP and mani welds... we were pressed severely for space so we had to cut and reweld shyt like 4 or 5 times to get it perfect and i'm not too worried about looks cause were going to weld on an additional patch to reinforce the mani. strenght...well here she is...

    STAGE 1:

    STAGE 2:

    STAGE 3:

    Atmosperic dump for WG by oil pan:

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      well, ill try to post post pics of my project (we'll see how it goes)

      my JRC intercooler.
      i went flat black so that it's not that noticeable

      test fitting of the H23 turbo manifold and the downpipe that i fabricated

      mock up pics

      2.25" hole i cut for my charge pipe to go into the wheel well

      charge piping. it comes into the wheel well, goes through the windshield washer reservoir and then into the intercooler. i didn't want to remove the reservoir because i live near the shoreline here in hawaii and there is always a layer of salt spray on my windshield in the morning. i was also planning on filling the reservoir with crushed ice and some water when i take the car to the track --kinda ghetto, maybe even non-functional, charge pipe cooling...?

      pic of my charge pipe from the turbo to the wheel well.

      pic of my turbo, manifold, down pipe, and wastegate (SSAC to be replaced with a Tial 38mm)

      pics of my set up being test fitted.

      *edit*-- quite a few people have asked about this manifold. I bought it from "zeroice" (member on cb7tuner and honda-tech). I am pretty sure that it was made by Rev Hard. It is the tubular manifold for the H23. I fabricated the downpipe myself because i wanted to keep the A/C system. The downpipe that came with the manifold requires the A/C compressor to be removed. I'm hardly on the site --got divorced and gave up on the project for a little while-- but i'll be happy to answer any questions by PM.
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        CLICK HERE TO VIEW MY 1990 CB7


          Log manifold, t3/t4, tial wg, greddy bov, rc 550's, fmic, MRX tuned.

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          Turbo H23a3 build has begun


            heres mine


              I'll jump on this is my setup

              custom log mani
              ihi rhb6 turbo (little bigger then t3/t4)
              top mount intercooler (from probe)
              Turbo xs rfl BOV
              P + P head
              gasket matched intake
              polished runners
              forged H beams
              Forged aluminum pistons
              arp heads, mains, and rods
              open dump
              2.5 inch from turbo back

              and here are the pics, will have some videos soon~

              still working on it, but runs and sounds awesome!
              My baby laying down some power...




                ^ when we were putting the finishing touches on her
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                    only good shots i have right now



                      Originally posted by 92ex

                      only good shots i have right now
                      not bad but man that shit is really gutten i suggest gettin a new bumper and do it over to make it test fit perfectly.



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                        2001 BB6



                          I NEED A LIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

                          Big 16g Turbo/H23 Head Swap/TSX Projectors


                            the new setup


                              The NEW setup :

                              Big 16g Turbo/H23 Head Swap/TSX Projectors


                                im stilling finishing this up, but here are a couple of progress pics

                                crooked intercooler, and it hangs past the lip, but i have a secret solution
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