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Turbo engine pics thread!

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    Turbo engine pics thread!

    Post pics of ur turbo engines, intercoolers, and give a short description if you want.........

    Pictures only please. PM questions or comments.
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    92 accord dx....traded
    97 accord ex....traded
    93 civic si ....stolen
    96 tercel ....sold
    97 ek hatch b17 ..traded
    97 civic 4door b16 sold
    04 tsx traded ...for a honda coupe (top secret)

    #2 are some...

    old setup
    JDM F20a dohc

    new setup
    UDSM F22a4 SOHC

    FMIC pics:
    PWR motorsports FMIC

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    Formerly 91AccordExR33
    11.68 @ 127mph
    Sold: 8/2016



      My Members Ride Page





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          Knowledge is EVERY sense of the word

          FSAE (F Series Accord Enthusiasts) ..."A dying breed thats taking it to the next level" #12


            here you go, this is how i do



              its a little bit different nowadays. i redid the hotside charge pipes. and its not that clean anymore...but eh, whatever

              Owner of



                kinda old..ill update this week

                instagram @mikeymeyagi


                  The Carb'ed CB7 Turbo F20A2
                  With water-to-air intercooler

                  still under construction.
                  I got my external fuelpump and A/F gauge this week.
                  I'll be going for 6 psi when i tune it, maybe more later.
                  New..... Now with Keihin carb....

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                  No Honda There will be one eventually...
                  1996 Volvo 960 2.5i 24v autotragic



                    old setup before the engine blew, I hav'nt had a chance to take a picture of the current setup or paint the charge pipes before the new engine blew, i should take off that charge piping before it rust. next setup if I do it, will have a built motor, big turbo, and be tuned properly for once
                    ricers make baby jesus cry



                      Gotta make a few small changes ... waiting another month or two to get the car painted too.


                        Ok the rebirth!
                        Stock rebuild. 14b, jrc 6" fmic, dsm metal blow off, custom made by me charge pipes and exhaust. Custom intake! Turbo oil return is high heat braided hose from stock dsm return cut off and joined to oil ban with a fitting in which was brazed to my oil pan by my local rad shop(thomas radiator) did it for a box of doughnuts! Dsm 450cc injectors, uberdata chipped by MRX, zeitronix wideband and toshiba 476mhz laptop to datalog and tune! chips from xenecron, Willem eprom burner. Some parts powdercoated! Enjoy!
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                          well here is my car !

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                          h23a3 cb7 turbo sold

                          FS: 1 Piece JDM Headlghts blackhoused

                          My Members Ride !
                          New ride

                          '07 GTI Mk5 6spd



                            -old-notice no bov attached. this was during initial break in period months ago. since then, i have replaced ac lines (due to heat), wrapped header, wg dump, ac lines, some charge pipe, etc. btw ps pump is back on...but my lines leak somewhere and im too lazy to fix it.

                            header is pacesetter (black), o2 housing is custom 2.5" with wg dump, small 16g, dsm bov, starion fmic, 2" chargepipes

                            i have made the pcv and crank breather funtional running through a catch can and back into the intake pipe on the turbo inlet since these pics.

                            it WAS clean after the rebuild

                            yeah the glare sucks. notice the ic is slightly off center...bleh

                            no thats not oil. its ps fluid. thats when it started leaking. shortly after that, i removed the belt.

                            89 lude ssi steering wheel, sunpro boost/vac gauge, itr shift knob, diy lowered short throw, custom made leather shift boot, 2000 accord cig lighter cover

                            tbolts were readjusted to not scrape
                            hp>220 whp tq>240 wtq
                            thanks for looking.

                            future plans:
                            jrc 8" fmic with 2.5" offset inlets
                            2.5" charge pipes with less bends
                            new couplers and tbolts for the new pipes
                            2.5" jpipe and bov pipe for dsm's (aftermarket)
                            full 3" exhaust o2 housing back (currently 2.5")
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                            I hate thieves!


                              very cool thread
                              OLD TURBO SETUP

                              My set up
                              450cc injectors
                              Polished garett t3 turbo Ar. 48
                              SS autochorme manifold
                              Polished intercooler and piping
                              crappy BOV
                              fidanza flywheel
                              6 puck clutch
                              chipped p06 with Uberdata
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