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Lowcords official boost thread

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    Lowcords official boost thread

    Here are some pics of whats come in so far the rest should be here by the end of the week ill post pics as they come in.

    The specs of this build are the newley rebuilt f22a6 wit about 30,000 mi on it for now the 14b till i get up the money for the 16g

    14b turbo *temp*
    external dump o2
    turbo xs type H-RFL bov
    Johnny race cars 8 in intercooler
    2.5 intercooler piping
    forged bov pipe
    blitz dual turbo timer
    dsm manifold
    450cc injectors
    custom 2.5 downpipe to a 3" exhaust
    theres more little things but i cant think of them right now

    Give me your feed back on the progress of my turbo kit let me know what you think.

    very nice!
    whered you get you external dump 02? u plan on running it with or without AC in the car?

    Formerly 91AccordExR33
    11.68 @ 127mph
    Sold: 8/2016


      impressive. i just bought that greddy gauge holder. what type of gauges are you going with? how much did you pay for your 14b? i currently have a t25, but the 14b flows 100cfm more than the t25... personally i am not a big fan of the 16g because i find it to be a bit of overkill. i know of eclipses running 10's with a 14b...


        Originally posted by 91accordexr33
        very nice!
        whered you get you external dump 02? u plan on running it with or without AC in the car?
        I actually found the external dump off ebay some guy who blew his eclipse was parting out everything
        Im thinking of extending the dump a little further down cause im movin to texas for school in the future and it would be nice to have the a/c


          Yeah, you definitely want a/c if you are coming to Texas. I made sure to keep mine. Which school are you going to come to?


            Originally posted by Fearit22
            Yeah, you definitely want a/c if you are coming to Texas. I made sure to keep mine. Which school are you going to come to?
            Im goin to Uti for auto body and custom painting so ill be living some were round houston

            I jus got my gauges and new muffler in ill try to get pics up tonight


              Check out Canfield Cove apartments in Houston.... Its 15615 Blue Ash Drive, right off of Richey road and very close to the school. They have good prices, 755 for a 1000sq/ft 2 bed/2bath!!
              P.S. I go to UTI in Exton, PA.... the school is ok, a bit overpriced but what can ya do??


                how much did you pay?

                How much did you pay for all that stuff?..i plan on doing my own turbo too.


                  here the stuff that came in the past two days


                    to be honest love 80% of your setup. don't like the ebay gauges, i think should've spent the extra money and purchase something a little more accurate. and seeing how you live in illinois, the johnny racecar is very prone to oxidize. love the turbo love the o2 love the fact that you are doning DIY piping!! not trying to be an ass, just trying to let you know how i feel about your progress...


                      i'm n love
                      -1992 Accord EX H22 234whp 185wtq
                      -1993 Accord EX SOLD
                      -1995 Accord EX Wagon Daily Driver
                      -2012 GMC Canyon V8 4x4


                        damn dude, I'm loving your set up.

                        Ive been reading about peoples set ups and shit all day long, and its making me mad that I dont have the money to do it to mine!! Like, I'm actually gettin frustrated, lol. iduno, i really miss my accord, I havent driven her since mid august

                        but I cant wait for you to get started putting things together, this is one setup i will def. keep and eye out for.


                        CrzyTuning now offering port services


                          thanks for all the coments guys love to hear from ya. about the gauges ive put a bit of money in the set up so i had to kinda cheap out when i got to gettin the gauges but im sure when i get the 16g ill prob switch them out.

                          also the stock j-pipe off the turbo what size is that pipe i havnt got one yet but id like to get the elbow fitting to connect to my pipes like x.xx-2.5??? if ya know please post it up. and keep the comments coming there will be more progress next week, ill be getting my ecu from mrx hopefully by then then its boost time

                          side note to exhaust shops have the ability to make flanges?? jus curious havent called around yet


                            most exhaust shops dont.. since making a flange requires a CnC machine to not be ghetto about it.. as for the J-pipe size i believe its 2"s at the end.. try to keep ur charge pipes as evenly sized as possible.. nice setup thou.. any questions dont be scurred to ask u can always hit me up on AIM

                            Praise The Lowered...


                              thankz wikked,

                              here are pic of the gauges and turbo mounted not the turbo time cord will be ran down threw that vent thats open jus wasnt when i took the pic

                              i know some of you will have something to say about my interior but i dont care i like it, i guess everyone has there little ricer touch to there car..