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For the most part you all have caught on without this post, but there have been a few habitual offenders that forced me to say this.

Everyone will get a couple of warnings from here on out, after that I just start deleting threads.

Again if you have any questions, PM me or one of the other mods.
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h22 vs f22 fully built which is more reliable?

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    That's exactly what happens to me, the whole thing about SOHC and DOHC. A LOT of people act surprised when they see that I only have an SOHC turbo'd motor. It's kind've funny watching their reactions, sometimes, even the people you've been going racing with for a while. However, I do have an H23 head that I'm getting ready to swap onto my motor to convert it to DOHC, so I guess no more funny reactions when that comes around. As for the CR/PSI Conversation, I think you will get more power out of a high compression low boost motor, but a low compression motor with even high boost on it will be more reliable, and the low compression will leave you a lot bigger margin for error when tuning it. Cause any real tuner out there knows that the first map you come up with isn't always perfect, even the third, fourth, or fifth. Also, with a low compression motor you can boost a lot more than you can with a high compression motor, obviously. In other words, you can eventually put enough boost on a low CR motor to make the same amount of power, or more, than a high CR motor will, cause EVERY motor has its limits. Pretty much what im trying to say... High CR motor can only go so far, whereas a low CR motor, F22, can go even further, of course with the right tuning, octane, etc.
    Hondas don't leak oil... they just mark their territory.


      you basically restated what i said



        Yeah... I agree with what you said, I guess that's why I said it
        Hondas don't leak oil... they just mark their territory.