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Top 20 most powerful turbo setups on the board

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    does it have to be in a cb7

    there are some nice setups out there.
    HSHO #3


      Originally posted by LoDollar92LX
      remember kids, im making almost 400whp on stock sleeves and NO vtec
      i have 2 questions: u tune it? and whats the internals?
      just curious, likin those numbers regardless duh
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        i tuned it. im using wiseco pistons, carrillo H beam rods, arp hardware, and crower valvetrain

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          where did you get the carillo rods?
          You have been defeated by a car with child locks, how embarassing...

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            New numbers as of tonight: 280 HP and 258 TQ

            Logged 9.5psi for 95% of the run with one small spike close to 10psi. L8r

            Turbo H23a3 build has begun


     is this with all that extra stuff you were telling me you have? And I'm wondering if I can get your old map from you, I'd like to start out with a decent basemap



                i got all my parts from race engineering

                instagram @mikeymeyagi


                  Yea this is with the delta 260's and a tune up, bumped the boost just a bit (Was running 8, this was at 9.5)

                  You have to talk to MRX about my old map, I don't have it.

                  Turbo H23a3 build has begun


                    Damn you guys are crazy. I may be in the turbo world soon, just not with an Accord


                      tuned again, 23psi this time
                      428whp 320tq
                      stock port h23 head
                      stock sleeves.
                      tiny ass intercooler i got from accordr33
                      2.5 inch cat back

                      then i went to RI for the week, turned it up to 24psi, smoked a brand new z06 on the highway, and blew it up tuning a 4th gear pull.
                      EGT's got to high due to the small intercooler/exhaust, and melted a piston.

                      it will be fixed in 2 weeks, and making about 50hp more.
                      going full ported H22 head this winter with a top mount mani, so i can make 600hp in the spring.

                      instagram @mikeymeyagi


                        241.4hp/242.7ft-lbs on stock h23, stock p14 ecu 8psi. so can you put me on the list also


                          Originally posted by oneoffaccord
                          241.4hp/242.7ft-lbs on stock h23, stock p14 ecu 8psi. so can you put me on the list also
                          just outta curiousity can i see ur dyno sheet? Not calling bs or anything just wanna see the power curve. And what turbo?
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                            Originally posted by oneoffaccord
                            241.4hp/242.7ft-lbs on stock h23, stock p14 ecu 8psi. so can you put me on the list also
                            What are you using to tune?



                              nice numbers guys...i'm hoping for 350whp this summer.

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                              Originally posted by DarkShadow707
                              The world needs to be reset.


                                Ummm not that it matters now but LodollarAccord had 410HP Dynoed on 22PSI , car was sick but huge ass turbo and spooled a little later than i would like but , he let his friends drive it this past week and Im pretty sure melted a piston or something wild Like that ....

                                So look for his tear down and rebuild .

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