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Summer Turbo Project

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    Prep work done so far to prepare:

    *Exedy Stage 1 Clutch (installed new in February)
    *Re-machined Head (was warped and leaking oil...had it machined back to spec.)
    *Compression Check (near perfect, done right after head job)
    *Replaced ALL belts, and water pump (came with headjob, obviously)
    *All new Gaskets (Head, Valve Cover, etc etc)
    *New OEM axles in the near future...
    *Installing polyurethane MM inserts just to be safe...
    *Cleaned the shit out of the engine bay, seafoamed, and various other maintenance...changing fluids and such.

    *Also, spending about 2-3 hours a day on here and the Uberdata forum teaching myself the tuning basics so that im not a thorn in MRX and R33's asses once i get this baby running i can actually tune and not be crying for more basemaps and chips in the mail...(learning more by the day)

    Theres a couple things im probably forgetting, but thats the basic list so far...anything you guys recommend that im forgetting? Engine has ~108,000 as of now...
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    1993 CB7
    2001 BB6


      some more

      alright guys, small update...

      *IC/BOV/Piping all came in today.

      *Stealthmode oil line kit came today also... got an unopened kit from a guy off ebay for a total of 70 in the end, i saved 20 bucks...

      *Installed Greddy turbo timer this weekend, im not boosted yet, but it was a super clean install, im happy with the turnout...ill post up pics later...

      *As of now, i have everything but the a perfect world i could install everything this weekend...but you know...dont feel like blowing up my F22
      JUST yet...haha.

      I'll post some pics up on my lunchbreak right now...just thought i'd share.
      1993 CB7
      2001 BB6


        are you doing all the work yourself?

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          for the most part, yeah. all the install will be done in my driveway... my dad will probably help out a good deal, and my buddy (who drives an srt) owes me a favor, so i might have a little more help than expected... still not expecting this to be a walk in the park.

          oh, and if anyone in orlando is reading this, youre welcome to PM me and come help out!
          1993 CB7
          2001 BB6


            Originally posted by bresk8r87
            oh, and if anyone in orlando is reading this, youre welcome to PM me and come help out!
            dang if you were like 14 hours north i would so be there to help lol


              Looking good so far, I have a 14b for sale if you decide you want to upgrade later on. That 13g will spool pretty quick though, also run out of steam in the upper rpms.


                gonna try and finish fabbing up charge pipes tonight after work.

                going to the junkyard in the morning to see if anything tickles my fancy...

                ill post pics tomorrow of all the new goodies...finish line is in finally in sight!
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                1993 CB7
                2001 BB6


                  little update

                  So....sold the 13g, because i found a very good condition 14b (did anyone on here sell one in the last few days on ebay, because it was me who bought it...) so now, playing the waiting game...

                  i know ive been delaying this project for almost 2 months now, but ive been working 7-5 mon-saturday and havent had any free time with the car... luckily, my job ends this friday, so plans are as follows...

                  chip p06 this weekend
                  finish fabbing up charge piping
                  get DP flange welded, pipe bent to clear the block
                  some other various maintenance

                  i installed the gauge pillar, along with the oil pressure & boost gauges, but theyre just chilling until the rest goes trying to get the smaller stuff out of the way so it simplifies the install...

                  some newer pics...

                  anyways, im shooting to have everything on next week and be driveable by the weekend...we'll see whats in store ::crosses fingers::

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                  1993 CB7
                  2001 BB6


                    Nice bro good stuff, now I'm just waiting for my parts to get here!
                    99 GS300 (Aristo) 2JZ Power

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                      Just FYI, those eBay piping kit couplers/clamps are garbage. My 323 GTX intake coupler has held up 300x better than those. I highly suggest upgrading at least to some t-bolt clamps.


                        Originally posted by straightedge
                        Just FYI, those eBay piping kit couplers/clamps are garbage. My 323 GTX intake coupler has held up 300x better than those. I highly suggest upgrading at least to some t-bolt clamps.
                        t-bolt clamps won't get tight enough on those pipes without crushing them...I know from experience
                        1993 Prelude S
                        custom'ish turbo setup
                        180 whp/217 ft-lbs super hot, super humid, super rich, boost falling off at 8psi
                        18psi boost spike = BOOM!!!!!
                        currently being rebuilt


                          I haven't had that issue yet, but I highly suggest upgrading those couplers/clamps or keeping the boost minimal until a proper set of pipes can be fitted. That is my project for this weekend.

                          I will say the piping kit was worth the 130 dollars to get a nice mock up of where the pipes will run, etc.


                            i guess there seems to be some mixed opinions on here about the ebay kits....either some people are happy with them and theyve held up...or they dont even know theyve got multiple boost leaks...

                            yeah, ive already got a set of t clamps for the couplers, but money is rather tight currently so im making do with the piping kit until i can afford something nice....i figure ill just use them while i keep the boost low for a couple weeks while im still tuning the car...
                            1993 CB7
                            2001 BB6


                              I'd suggest getting that kit together and getting the kinks worked out of the tune and all, and then buying a bunch of assorted bends and good silicone couplers and clamps and getting the majority of it welded, either steel or aluminum. I just dropped 220 for 5 90 degree bends, 5 45 degree bends, 6 couplers, 12 t bolt clamps, and 1 2.5" to 2" reducer from


                                nice setup, how much you spent. i think im going to go boosted for a bit.

                                also imo i would worry more about boost and fuel pressure than oil presure
                                miss my turbo cb7
                                moved onto volvos. dont know how that happened, just did