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    JDM F22b BOOST

    Hey guys,

    IT has been a minute but I have been busy testing out some stuff. This is for my Civic hatch but I figured I would post on here because now it is boosted. I have been running a Fbb2 non-vtec turbo with custom exhaust manifold. I do not have any pictures right now but I will put some up soon.

    This is the second F22b, the first one had cylinder #4 let go lol. Timing is very important on these F series apparently haha. I had my N/A tune running boost && that was not a good combo haha oh well. It is all just fun & experimenting for me especially since this is my first boost application.

    New setup I have been just breaking in the new clutch. I just recently got into boost. 4-5lb spring with a turbosmart manual boost controller. It creeps up to almost 7lbs. I have backed the timing all the way down to about 13 degrees under 6lbs. I am not sure why but nobody likes to reveal what they like to run timing at but, yes I know it all depends on each motor itself but hey I would assume there is a average timing degree F22s like under boost, oh well.

    This is a real conservative tune compare to the mistake of running 25degrees at 7lbs on the other F22b single cam I had before. I also installed bisimoto springs by hand on the floor of my garage floor & beat the hell out of it on N/A for about two years. Oh well, live & learn.

    Here is a link to my hondata tune on their forum which has my tune & some pull datalogs.:
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    Ring lands in F series engines frequently give out under boost. I’ve seen the most carefully tuned engines blow due to that. I wouldn’t ever boost a stock block f22 without expecting it to blow up.

    if you want to get your timing dialed in, just do some real-world data logging and make minor adjustments as you go. As long as you don’t deviate drastically from your current tune, you shouldn’t blow it up.


      I can't seem to find my old datalogs, except the one that I did my first pull on COP which i had a lot of blow out over 10 psi. But at 5.3 psi im at 19* and at 7.9 psi im at 17* so I can deduce 6 is probably 18* On E-85 im running 21* at 6 psi
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      MR Thread:


        Thank you guys! Sorry for the delay.

        Thnk you for giving out your timing under boost numbers! I appreciate that.

        I imagine the new engine isn't gonna last forever but hopefully longer than the previous lol. I still have yet to pull apart the old engine because I don't have a garage at the new house I bought so there is minimal room to work.

        So at this point I believe I have had the new engine setup for a little while & I have been doing some pulls. Feels solid, no smoke or anything during a pull.

        I finally installed a Walboro 255 & RC 750s freshly tested & cleaned from Fuel Injector Clinic.

        I am still only making around 6-7lbs with a 10.8-11.0 AFR I have not turned up the boost yet. I am beyond conservative & running around 13-14 around 6-7lbs. There is only one gas station aeound me with E85 so I just pulled a lot of timing. It pulls really hard & I have yet to give it full throttle.
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          Finally took apart the blown up smokey F22b..

          Lol I will wait to put the pictures up when I get some time but every post about how weak the stock ringlands are is 10000% correct.

          #4 completely broke the middle ringland part where the second ring lays.

          All 4 pistons had cracking right where the ring gaps ended..I feel like that stock ring gap really was the main failure point for this engine.

          Also, like a dumb dumb, I had way way too much timing in the map with pump 93 octane.

          Another note, I am currently running another JDM F22B & now being on E85 I have made way over 30 pulls (still only 6psi) but it is still running great so far. I am building the EVO Stroker Piston H22 rod combo to put back into the old block so when it is all together I am going to turn the current stock block setup up a few psi.
          Keep Pushing..