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Question on Turbo build about oil lines and if I’m missing parts

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    Question on Turbo build about oil lines and if I’m missing parts

    So I’ve been lurking in the member rides page for a while now but none of them seems to mention what size oil fee lines and the need to upgrade an oil pump. I was just wondering what size of hose and AN fittings to use as I’ve talked to some ppl and they’re like bigger isn’t always better. On a side note would it be possible to keep power steering? I know the AC definitely got to go.

    The original plan was to do a cheapo eBay build that was going to push 200-220 whp but they had forged pistons for sale so I was like hey why not go big amirite
    now the goal is to push closer to 280-300 to the wheel

    Currently, I’ve purchased some stuff for the build such as:

    -Wiseco Pistons (standard 85mm,9:1), Eagle rods, arp studs

    -the fuel system( DSM blues, Walbro 255)

    -p06 w/Hondata

    -Turbo manifold(Linked below)

    -all the gauges and wideband A/F ratio sensor

    -Turbosmart manual boost controller

    -AEM fuel rail + FPR

    The "still need to get list":

    just waiting on buying the turbo (thinking GT3076, linked below) and all the tubing and intercooler(2.5 inches)

    -92 civic half rad from misimoto

    -Turbosmart 38mm Ultragate wastegate and one of their bov

    -Cometic Headgasket ( they only offer in 86mm bore, will that be a problem??)

    -All misc bearings and seals (Kings bearings)

    -Gates Timing Belt

    -Water pump (Aisin or something similar)

    -ACT Clutch

    Also thinking about getting the valves done too with SuperTech Valve and springs cuz mine be old and sticky.

    please let me know if I’m missing anything, as this is going to be my first ever major project on this car and this is about as far as I got from lurking on the member rides notably Grumpys, Raf, and Aleks during work at a parts store

    Again, thank you all very much for any help
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    If your going with Hondata you might as well by an electronic boost controller so you can turn it up on the fly, versus a screw you have to tinker with.
    I would recommend the MAC 4 port boost solenoid. Very easy to hook up and wire in.

    The manifold you bought is stout, but very inefficient, but its a good starting point and its dirt cheap.

    For intercooler and piping I highly recommend treadstoneperformance. I am running their piping and couplers and have yet to blow a coupler. I've had the psi up to 21psi. I am not running their intercooler but I haven't heard any negative reviews.

    for the headgasket, you will be perfectly fine with an OEM one, no need for a cometic Headgasket

    Make sure you upgrade your headbolts to head studs. I use ARP headstuds and have not had any issues and reused them multiple times.

    Unless your going oversize, you are save with using OEM valves, but make sure to replace your valve stem seals.

    As for AN fittings and hoses are you referring to the turbo oil line? If so its based off which turbo you are going with. Different brands recommend different sizes. But I would make sure you go with a good size return. I believe Mine is 3/8" but Ill have to double check.
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    MR Thread:


      I got my stuff from & you're going to notice that a GT30/GT35 turbo will only accept a 1/4" fitting (4AN) and a 3AN line.
      Make sure the fittings have no restrictions of course too. I did install a brand new oil pump when I did mine but I believe it's the same specs as the OEM one. The clutch is where you'll spend some $$$ trying to handle whatever power you are aiming for.
      And the type of manifold you use really is the deciding factor on what you get to keep (PS, AC, etc.). The head gasket needs to be exact! They should have what you need.


        Grumpy, thanks for all the information and help really appreciate it!
        Will definitely look to pick up the Treadstone kit and electronic boost controller
        For the IC, will be looking to purchase one from Mishimoto as I need to get the half rad from them anyways
        I'm likely to sand blast the manifold on the inside to have it flow better as its very rough right now, the cool manifold are well above budget right now as the part person salary just cannot afford
        Head gasket wise, was not able to source an oem one but Cometic is available to order so a little less headache and I heard with forged pistons you'd have to get a slightly thicker head gasket
        Valves is the same situation, things seem to be all discontinued but managed to find Fel-pro stem seals from work
        Did order ARP studs along with my pistons and rods so we good there
        Guess I'll have to wait till I get my turbo in hand then start figuring out the sizes for the feed and drain hose
        Again I really appreciate all the help Grumpy, you've been wonderful

        Raf!!! Thanks for tuning into my posts again haha, you're always a great help
        For the feed and drain, I guess I'll have to wait till I have my turbo in hand, I was just going off of the information supplied on the website and seems it was a -10 AN outlet but I'll just wait till I have it in hand before buying stuff
        My work deals with Russell Fittings and we get sweet deal so I'll just get those cool red and blue shiny ones just like yours
        Found the 85mm Gasket from Summit on back order, thanks for the heads up!!
        As for clutch Im going with an ACT kit because work deals with them again and during tradeshow season there are big discounts haha looking to get my hands on either or of these
        I linked the manifold I got, do you think it will be able to retain P/S? I don't really care for the AC as I have a sunroof for the sick breeze in the summer

        Again cannot thank you guys enough for sharing your knowledge with me and hopefully I'll get her up and running to show you guys within the year hahah