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Anyone still boosting the F22?

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    Anyone still boosting the F22?

    Hey guys,

    Anyone still having fun boosting the F22s?

    I have been running my setup for about one year now.

    F22b SOHC Non-V Stock from valve cover to oil pan
    Custom exhaust manifold utilizing an aftermarket header
    T04E T3/T4 .57 A/R 57
    Cheap Ebay Wastegate 10lb spring (creeps heavy in cooler weather)
    Manual Boost Controller
    750cc RCs
    255 Walboro

    Recently I have been around 13lbs. Not sure of the HP because I street tune myself.

    What do you think it is making for power?

    Click image for larger version

Name:	13.2lbs.PNG
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	Hatch Turbski.jpg
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    Keep Pushing..

    Grumpy comes to mind….


      Prob 350HP min with the duty cycle and injector size on 13Ppsi. Adjust your min/max TPS in SManager too for your TPS going over 100%.


        Wow you think 350?

        I was trying to do the math using an Injector calculator & I was thinking maybe 300?

        Lol i'll take the gracious 350 estimate. Sounds better haha.

        Yeah I was messing with the TPS sensor to calibrate it better. I have done it a few times but
        not sure why it keeps going over 100%. I'll deff have to adjust again soon.

        Here is another datalog I pulled last night. Very good temperature outside about, 74 Degrees & lower humidity.
        Still very bad boost creep. I think this cheap Ebay wastegate has ran it's course lol. Deff need to upgrade.
        I did get out of it at the end of the pull because I have never ran this much boost yet so the map was getting close to "11.7-8 AFRs".

        This pull was insane though, felt so good. Did not even floor it. Man these F22s are so underestimated.

        & for anyone who wants to know, this was a JDM low mileage F22b & it has been in the car for about 1 year beaten on everytime I took it out
        which is only on weekends. But, I do drive it to get groceries & the highway/cruising I usually take over an hour drive everytime we take it out, probably even longer. So this setup proves
        you can boost you F22 STOCK & still get some normal drivability from it.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	14.8lbs.PNG
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        Keep Pushing..


          I’m still running mine. I would say probably closer to the 300 range vs the 350. I made 330 at 14psi. But I am also on a very conservative tune.
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            Awesome! I remember looking at your build a little while back.

            What piston rod setup are you running?

            What timing is in your map? I am running around 11-12 so I would say mine is pretty conservative as well.

            The past weekend it was a little cooler than usual. Cheap ebay wastegate is killing me with the boost creep. I hit my boost cut of 16 lol.

            Then on Sunday it was ridiculously hot. Went to a local car meet me buddy hosts & on the way back it took a second to spool up. Only hit about 12psi. The heat really sucks with a turbo lol.
            Keep Pushing..


              for rods I went with Bisimoto h beam when he was trustworthy, and timing I'll have to look at my datalogs because I can't remember off the top of my head. Ya I wouldn't trust ebay wastegates. That and a bov are 2 things I think you cant really go cheap on for those exact reasons you stated. At a minimum I would swap out the internals.
              FSAE (F Series Accord Enthusiasts) ..."A dying breed thats taking it to the next level" Lucky #13
              MR Thread:


                Nice, was that stock bore? What gap did you run both top & bottom rings?

                I built a block a few months ago with the 85mm Evo pistons with H22 H beam Eagle rods. I did .021 top ring & .024 bottom ring gap.

                I just wanna see how far I can push the stock engine. It's really really healthy & hasn't given me a single issue. I'm? Just gonna build this block the exact same as I mentioned when this one blows. That E85 is a savior compared to pump 93.

                Yeah I don't trust the wastegate I am running. I need to find someone selling a used name brand. Really don't feel like spending a ton.

                What size spring are you running in your BOV? I think mine is like 15lbs lol. When I had it together at first the BOV would open at idle with a smaller size spring. The 15lbs was all I had at the time. It works though, never had an issue.
                Keep Pushing..


                  Here is a link to my YouTube. This pull was like 9-10psi 2nd & 3rd gear.

                  The glass ringlands in the F22B ripping hard lol. & This was a low boost pull. I don't really like taking these videos after I wrecked my Civic Sedan. I wait until like 2AM to ever do these pulls. In "another country" obviously not the U.S. lol.
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                  Keep Pushing..


                    So it was stock bore, as for gap sizes I honestly don't know as I had the bottom end built, since at the time I didn't have the tools or space to build it. for my wastegate I am running 12lbs or a black and blue spring, as that was the lowest amount of boost I wanted to run. The BOV is suppose to be open at idle and closes under load. I can't remember what spring pressure I have in the BOV.
                    FSAE (F Series Accord Enthusiasts) ..."A dying breed thats taking it to the next level" Lucky #13
                    MR Thread: