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ummmm... i'm surprised i never heard of this before...

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    ummmm... i'm surprised i never heard of this before...

    So i had heard of the variable vane technology to elimitate turbo lag with the diesels originaly, but an electronic turbo? This article was in Super Street in Aug. 2005, so apparently these have been around for a few years as well... i'm surprised i never came across this before, i guess because like the variable vanes, its really just been tied up with deisels till recently... very interesting either way, and sorry if this had been covered previously, i did try to search for anythin related to it... but heres the small picture and little caption...

    Interesting I know the new 997 turbo runs the variable vane turbo technology. SHits crazy. And that car is mad fast too.

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      ya ive read about those turbos, they are sweet shit, def a very good technological advancement~
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        those have been a round for a while, elctiricity keeps the turbo spooled up to reduce lag. i posted about them before and people thought i was talking about the "turbo any car for 69.99$" things lol
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          Interesting. I know that Garrett is making turbos now that have very little lag (GT series). The Mitsu Evos apparently have an anti-lag system in them which would replicate the electronic turbo I believe (correct if wrong please!).
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            lol this has nothing to do with turbo spin by elictricity to reduce lag i think is more like vanes move something like the butterflys in the a6/h23 mani to reduce spool time meaning less lag, welcome to jump and correct me any 1.

            edit i take that away, i didnt see link i though u guys were talking about the 997 turbo system derived from deisel engines, this is som new shit lol i need to take a look at it
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              I saw an electric turbo made by KKK (no not klu klux klan) on e-bay a few years back. I posted a topic about it on here but at that time I was new to the board and didn't know how to host pictures etc. I was very curious about how they work too. It sorta appeared when those fake E-charger boom hit e-bay and "smart" sellers cashed in on the not-knowing.
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                its not realy an antilag system, its more of a a way to have quick spool up down low, with high boost up high. usually antilag systems consist of injecting raw feul into the exhaust mani, the very high heat causes it to combust therefore spnning the turbo. This is what is used in WRC exclusivly, but turbo life is only a matter of 1XX miles.
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