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Wagaludes new motor build

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    Wagaludes new motor build

    Building a new H22 for my wag here are some parts

    Out in the driveway building something

    mmmmmmmm........wagalude what big sleeves you have
    F22A1:blew up
    F22A1/H22:blew up
    F22A6/H22: " "
    F22A4/H22: " "
    H23A1 boosted:blew up
    H23A1/H22 built:still in progress (getting my feet wet)

    drive it like you stole it


      Seen this stuff in person, yall better watch out!!!!

      Will's Accord


        Looks like some fun..... wish I had to money to rebuild my H.....

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          I wish i had an H.


            any specs?

            CrzyTuning now offering port services


              H22 + Wagon =

              Originally posted by Maple50175
              Oh here we go again. Maples other half.


                Didn't you just sell a built h22 and turbo set up?
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                  Good luck on this build man, Get that shit done so We can see it at the 07' Spring Meet. And uh...sorry about the exhaust ordeal(sp?). But keep us up dated and ima call you up about something in the future.


                  I ♥/Miss My Coupe


                    nice plans bud

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                      how much do you think you need (money) to rebuild an H22 just the block?
                      im asking bcuz i might buy an H off my friend for 500, with a fd'up rod bearing
                      lisa is long gone, but sophie is here!

                      i got a good feeling about this one

                      im going to have to
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                      check out my mr thread


                        we, wagalude or i, can get the crank polished for $30 or ground if it's to bad for $90. new bearings are about $100, thats rod and main or you can just buy the rods bearings for about $40. then there's labor for the tear down and reassembly which will vary depending on who does it and what they charge.


                          Out in the driveway building something


                            WOW man! gl on the build, it's looking straight sick!!!

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                            Originally posted by d112crzy
                            And it can only get better. That's the best part.
                            All I gotta really say is:
                            People of cb7tuner, this AUTO is NOT a joke. It has impressed ME, the hater of auto's.


                              Very nice. I'll have to check out you other threads for more info on the old setup.

                              OT: I've never actually seen the insides of an H, and not really sure what the closed decks look like. So newb ?. Is that a really good looking blockguard, or does it come factory?
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