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H22 Nitrous... HOndata S200 or Apexi Vafc?

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    H22 Nitrous... HOndata S200 or Apexi Vafc?

    I will drop in H22 into my 5th gen accord. I will be shooting nitrous ... probably at least 75 shots. What management should I use? Hondata S200 or apexi vafc?
    I have been reading about s200, it has an option for nitrous activation and launch control....

    you dont really need them . I wouldnt get it a 75 shot isnt all that serious just upgrade your fuel like fpr,255fuel pump and tune it set the timing back 4 degrees or 3 like busted lx said to run a 75shot. But make sure your using 93 octance,your fuel filter is good,and make sure your running colder sparkplugs.


      If one day you plan on shootin more than a 75 shot, then I would recommend getting the hondata and getting it tuned on a dyno. I've seen guys gain anywhere from 15-25hp to the wheels just from getting hondata and tuning it.


        The Hondata is going to be pretty pricey and the Apexi shouldn't even be an option.

        A good option to consider is the ECUTune N20 Control and tune with Uberdata. What the adapater does is allows you to have a tune for optimal N/A performance and a tune for optimal N20 performance. It switches between tunes threw a 12volt positive input that for example will be contacted to your WOT switch. So as soon as you go WOT and start spraying it instantly switches tunes.

        Pretty good device I was choosen to tune and demo the prototype and I've installed and tuned a few already. Good product, look into it.
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          i just saw over on hmt that uberdata now has a functional nitrous script. Might wanna check it out
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            Jose - It's not clear to me from a quick look at the ecutune site if that system will integrate with a hondata s100. I'm having mine tuned now and conceptually, that adapter looks sweet.

            889accord, if you are interested, I have the solenoids, fogger and jets for a NOS 75 wet shot together with a VAFC that I'm thinking of selling cause I went I disagree with Jose that the vafc is completely useless though a lot of the serious tuners feel that way since it's a piggyback. I had fun with mine and gained 15-18 hp na at the vtec x-over.

            Also, it's my understanding that the hondata nitrous control is for dry shots since it increases fuel through the ecu. Nitrous can be tuned mechanically by changing jets, or at least that's the way I did it, but you have to have a wideband or a dyno. (Oh, yeah, I have two extra fuel jets.)

            h22sparkle - Boy do I disagree with you there. For less than $500 you get a serious kick in the ass. A 75 shot is balls on the street.