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Building for a 150 shot.

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    Building for a 150 shot.

    Okay...after doing a little searching around, I've come up with questions.

    This is just all up in the air, but since I'm 99% sure I'm getting another it goes.

    I'm planning for a 150 shot on an H22. I would of course, have to sleeve the block. What would I have to do as far as the pistons and rods are concerned, who should I go with?

    Also, about the head. Would a basically "stock" head be okay for what I'm aming for?

    And may just be on an automatic transmission too would I have to build the transmission up any?
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    You actually don't NEED a built block for a 120 shot. As long as you have proper fueling and tuning done, there's not much to worry about as a stock H22 can take that much of a shot.

    You also don't need to sleeve, there are alternative options such as Mahle gold series pistons. They have a special coating on them that allows you to run them on stock sleeves. They can handle plenty of power. Only downfall is that rumor has it they don't last much past 40k miles(the coating).

    But if you do want to sleeve, then piston choice comes down to what you're engine builder prefers. Each piston design/brand has slight variances, most of it comes down to the p2w clearance needed for them. Some are also lighter than others. Arias, CP, Wiseco are all good brands.

    Rods...I'd stick with some cheapy Eagles. They've been known to handle some great power and are pretty reliable.

    The stock head/cam setup is fine as well.

    But if you're looking into building an engine for nitrous, I wouldn't stop at 150 shot. Go upwards of 300 . Look into getting a direct port setup with a progressive controller.

    The stock auto trans can handle the power as long as you maintain it. I would do a flush eveytime you do an oil change. Adding an aftermarket oil cooler also would help.

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      After reading other posts in this subforum, I was waiting for you to reply.

      The reason for this thread is a guy is selling TWO complete, but disassembled H22's for $300. I was going to H22 swap anything I got, I figured I might as well start with something that's already apart, because it would end up coming apart anyway.

      As far as the life of the motor is concerned, I'm not sure which route I want to go. I'm still learning. And..this will be my DD. Basically, I want to build it to take a 300 shot, but only run a 150 to be safe. I'll need a dependable car while I'm in college. Which would you prefer/suggest?

      Sleeving the block, or running mahle's?


        I have a sleeved h22 block ready to go. Selling it for $350 +shipping

        CrzyTuning now offering port services


          Yeah? Is it fully assembled?

          Or just a bare sleeved block


            Bare. But I can build you an engine if you'd like and ship it to you once its done

            CrzyTuning now offering port services


              stock head is okay but id give it a valvejob and put more clearance on the exhaust guides. deburr anything in the combustion chamber.
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                Originally posted by d112crzy View Post
                Bare. But I can build you an engine if you'd like and ship it to you once its done
                Hah, what kinda figures are we talking here?

                PM me.

                Back to the topic,

                How reliable would an h22 with a 150-200 shot be? Not ragging on it all of the time, spraying here and there a tad.


                  ssaccord92 ran a 120 shot and has been running strong for 2 years. He sprayed probably 3-4 times during the weekends(races) and maybe once or twice during the week.

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                    Whoops, I meant on a built block.


                      on a built block you could spray a 300 shot reliably if the tuning is good.
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                        i agree with d112crzy

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