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The Official Nitrous Build Thread

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    The Official Nitrous Build Thread

    If you're running nitrous, post up! This thread is dedicated to all who are spraying, even on stock engines. If you've got an all out N/A build with spray, or just basic bolt-ons, this is for you.

    Post your setup, dyno numbers, and 1/4 and 60ft time. Also include a picture of your engine bay, so we can see what you're working with.

    Also include a description of the tuning you've done in order to run the spray. Example, timing retardation, spark plugs, ECU tuning, etc.

    Bottle Fed Motors FTW!
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    R.I.P. Veronica - JDM F20A swapped 2.0 Si wannabe.

    Mine is H23A1 but in my lude, but anyone with an H23A1 in their cb7 can use it as a reference.

    Engine 2.3L H23A1
    Crower Stage 1 Cams
    NGK Iridium One step colder Plugs
    NGK Plug Wires
    Max Bore TB
    BB6 Type-S Intake
    DC Header
    2.5" Exhaust
    NOS Wet kit w/ Purge Valve
    60 Shot jet
    P06 ECU

    Its fully tuned using Neptune RTP


    '04 SB AP2 211whp 150wtq


      Stock F20c1 head and block
      Stock injectors
      Stock fuel pump
      Stock untuned ECU
      Stock intake with K&N drop-in filter
      Less than OEM grade tires-Kuhmo Ecsta ASX
      Invidia test pipe
      70 flywheel shot of nitrous- NOS 5120 dry kit
      Best run at KCIR with a clutch starting to slip was a 13.3@106 with a 2.0 60'
      Also ran a 13.5@107 and a 13.7@105

      Click on the pictures to make them full size

      Now I have added a Megan replica header and an AEM EMS standalone ECU. I will be getting an ACT 6 puck clutch and tune myself for a 125whp shot for next season.


        Stock to my knowledge except for:
        Exospeed stage one cam
        SRI with a Tsudo mushroom filter
        Spyder Automotive header, cat, 60 mm stainless exhaust
        Cold Fusion wet kit, currently set up for a 50 shot
        Timing retarded one degree
        195/60/15 Potenza G009 on the front
        163 whp off the bottle

        Installed it a few months ago. Haven't sprayed her yet.

        Off the bottle, she runs 15.87 @ 88.4


          awesome guys.
          R.I.P. Veronica - JDM F20A swapped 2.0 Si wannabe.


            Bump for more!
            R.I.P. Veronica - JDM F20A swapped 2.0 Si wannabe.


              H23a vtec
              68mm tb
              Euro-R intake manifold with euro-R cams
              Highend header 2 1/2" exhaust
              750 injectors on e85
              Stock block
              Dry shot with .040 pill.
              Take a look at my MRT!! Thanks