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For the most part you all have caught on without this post, but there have been a few habitual offenders that forced me to say this.

Everyone will get a couple of warnings from here on out, after that I just start deleting threads.

Again if you have any questions, PM me or one of the other mods.
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direct port questions.

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    direct port questions.

    i have the zex direct port installed on my car and i was wondering if its necessary to run the jets in the distribution block and at the foggers? only reason i ask is my friend is gunna run the NOS direct port and a supposedly nitrous guru told him not to run the distribution block jets.

    Is this for your accord? Yes, it is neccessary to run them both. That's the purpose of Direct Injection. If you weren't going to run them both, why not just opt for a single fogger kit?


      yea this is for my accord motor. only reason i ask is because of the difference in kits. but i am running all the jets necessary.