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Everyone will get a couple of warnings from here on out, after that I just start deleting threads.

Again if you have any questions, PM me or one of the other mods.
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Just bought a zex kit...

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    Just bought a zex kit...

    just bought a zex dry kit 55 65 75 shot from some guy on superhonda for 300 shipped. he'd only used 4 bottles and it comes with all the necessary shit. one question i have, is that can i just leave my bottle on for like a drive to the mall or something? say 30 minutes or so, or would i have to just turn it on like 30 seconds before a race. i would t hink that the bottle pressure would kinda go down and i wouldnt get as much h/p, but the guy i bought it from said that it wasnt a problem. also, my friend has a bottle heater from zex, and i think that might be a good idea but they are kinda pricey ($135 from zex, around $100 on ebay). are they a necessity? or could i get away with throwing a couple warm blankets on them.

    The Dark Tower..........................................and Blaine the Mono

    the bottle heater is actually an electric blanket, with specific temperature settings to not blow up your bottle while providing the most pressure, so i think the zex one would be worth it, just for the peace of mind. im not sure about where you are, but in canada, you can have nitrous in the car, but you CANT have it connected to the engine in any way while on public roads.

    i was driving along today and the check engine light came on.
    i pulled over and looked under the hood.
    the engine was still there...
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      i dont know the laws concerning nitrous in washington, but i would most likely have it covered up in my trunk and they cant search my trunk without probable cause. that sucks you cant ship them with nitrous in it, now i have to fill it up and there is like 1 place in spokane that does it

      The Dark Tower..........................................and Blaine the Mono