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Got Zex?

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    Got Zex?

    came in yesterday but picked it up today

    im kinda excited but not. cars acting up so im tryna get it str8, batteries dead now so i hope once i get another one tomorrow she will start up i ca install this kit

    reading the direction, this kit is no problem to install. should take no more then 3-4 hours probably even faster.i already put what goes where on teh module, put my fitting on to run fuel from the FPR. all i need to do is mount the bottle, run the line from that to the module. put it the nozzle into the air intake pipe. mount the module and run the wires, ground, TPS wire, and arming. then mount the arming switch.

    thats how simple it is.
    but hopefull i hvae my car running right by tomorrow and have the zex wired sunday.

    your one sick mother fucker...
    with your mods.. even a 50shot is gonna be killer on that thing.. lol.. crazy.. props man.. definet props..
    hope u get ur car striaghtened out.. might wanna order some new front tires

    Praise The Lowered...


      thanks WiKKeDV16
      preciate the luv man.

      yeah i hope i can get her runnig tomorrow, then i can get dyno/tuned next weekend

      also have a psi gauge and bottle warme not seen in the pic.

      altogether i spent 622 for everything.

      502 for zex kit from a shop in VA
      45 for gauge, also from shop and
      75 for the bottle warmer, guy on ebay
      NEED RAP BEATS.....


        nice price.. u should update your mods list..
        damnit man how much power u think ur pushing or would be pushing under the bottle? im sure u can pull 14s.. well.. if u can ever get it to hook up..
        i have a friend
        that ran 14s running 75shot with intake and exhaust on a D series.. so i know the accord has no problem running 14s with ur mods.. and a 50shot and like i said
        two new tires would be nice

        Praise The Lowered...


          dude i wanna see it insalled.... nosss ooo omyyy


            OO GOd that is sooooo sweet man have fun and maybe you should record your nitrous run to show us alll how its done.!!!!
            To have loved and lost is better than to have never loved at all #CB7Life


              got car running, all i did was change the plugs.

              sop for the week ive.....

              switched the TPS and set it (took 4 days to figure it out)
              car wouldnt start so i....

              check fule pump....worked
              change injectors
              checked ignition system...fine...

              snaped the stems on the intake manifold that u use to bolt down the fuel rail....i was about to cry when this happen, but i didnt give up. came in teh hous and thouhgt about it....pulled otehr stems on my extra manifold, went outside and sawed teh bolt that was stuck on one stem off, and i got it.....

              try to start the car and............nuffin, still down..

              after trying almost everything under ENGINE ROTATES BUT WILL NOT teh haynes manual, i got to faulty spark plugs.
              i just put NGk plugs on it in november so i was like it cant be that, but f it, ill try it.
              changed the plugs and...............can started .

              time for nitrous..............

              installed it in 3 and a half hours. was easy to, i mean simple as shit.

              it works perfect but i havent sprayed yet. teh module lets me kno its hooked up fine.
              dont have money to get teh bottle filled, just brought me another ps-2 so im broke now.... but atleast i kno its hooked up right.
              NEED RAP BEATS.....



                planning use my juice tonight.
                first im gona run 0-60mph all motor to make sure i still got my norm time, then with the juice, it probably be around the same because i might get mad wheel spin with the juice.
                then im gona find a good road and run the 1/4mile to get my time.
                ill let folks kno how it turns out tonight..

                NEED RAP BEATS.....



                  no pics of the install ol well fuck it i will check it out 2morrow at the meeting


                    all i got is a bigger pic of the shot in my sig......

                    could take pics while installing it....shit i was fighting the cold
                    NEED RAP BEATS.....



                      did the header make a big difference??

                      got the same one but havent put it in yet.
                      92 DA9 // 93 D21 4x4 // 92 CB7


                        what kind of internal work do you have on your motor? just wondering because i have considered nitrous on my 90ex. but would like to know what others think about spraying a stock motor
                        92 lx

                        but its clean!..kinda


                          I don't know if I want to pay that much for nitrous... I saw a few good complete kits for sale on ebay for like 3-350. I'm going to get a wet kit though since I plan on turboing my car in the future. You should definitely try to get a purge valve man ... that would be lots of fun scaring people with hehe. Let us know your times whenever you run it.


                            Originally posted by punkrockimport
                            what kind of internal work do you have on your motor? just wondering because i have considered nitrous on my 90ex. but would like to know what others think about spraying a stock motor
                            272 Gude camshaft.
                            intake side of head port matched
                            as for mods:
                            cam gear
                            JG TB
                            adjustable FPR
                            air intake
                            mild head
                            msd ignition (full set up)
                            other stuff i cant remember
                            NEED RAP BEATS.....



                              theone, have you recently done a 1/4 mile run or 0-60 run. i'd like to know what kind of numbers you can get from a tuned F22 engine. All i have now is an intake and a shortshifter.
                              1991 JDM Galant VR-4