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My very stupid idea.

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    My very stupid idea.

    Ok fellas, as you can see by my post count Im new around here. Now, I know what Im about to describe may the most retarded thing you see on this board all year. Bear with me, flame if you want so here goes.

    I want to make the cheapest nitrous system for my 93 accord anniv. I have a short ram intake and thats it. The car is clean with 160k on the clock. I had my brother to run a compression check and he says we are good to go.

    Now I already have the base of the system worked out from another project. It consists of meerly some whippits NO2 chargers for a whip cream charger like can be had off ebay or just about any head shop. You pick up a cracker like used for co2 catriges used on motorcycles as an emergency fix a flat air source. Serveral feet of tubing and a few fittings and thats about it.

    I used this set up to put nitrous on of all things, a gasoline powered blender..I have some video of it online you can check out if your interested..
    If you listen to the sound you can hear the kick in the ass the nitrous gives it.

    Well this lil mess would only be used most likely a few times and is only intended to amuse me. Im not actually shooting for much gain so I wont be dissapointed if it doesnt work. I am thinking about rigging up a series of three into one crackers and firing them one after another. I plan on doing a few with and wothout passes at the local 1/8 strip so I will have some numbers to see how well, if at all it works.

    Now we get into the gray area for me. The little chargers specs are Contains
    10 cm^3 (0.61 cu. in) pure N2O under pressure. Weight: net c. 8g
    (0.28 oz.) NSO, gross c. 28g (1 oz.)...

    So...a total of three oz..

    Does anyone have any idea of actually amount of nirtous say a 40 shot would actually use say in an 1/8th mile pass...

    Has anyone ever measured how much they use per run? If so could you pass along your numbers so I might play with mine some..

    I know this is alot to digest but, any ideas, help, flames, get out of jail free cards welcome..

    Just some quick math to chew on...

    They now make the cartiges in 16g.

    If I use 3@16g that = 48g = 4 oz

    As a point of reference a sneeky pete hold 10 oz...

    Ya think Im going to need a real Nitrous nozzle or just dump it into the intake?