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Everyone will get a couple of warnings from here on out, after that I just start deleting threads.

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I wonder about my type s

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    I wonder about my type s

    I was thnkin about the zex wet kit on my type s just a 50 shot nothing real big. Now being that i got 11:1 cr I wonder what should i look out for besides colder plugs? and i already upgraded my fuel pump and retarding my timing maybe by 1 degree. Any suggestions

    A completely safe way to control it would be one of MSD's timing retarders. I think they have different stages of retard so you would also benefit from easier starting as well due to your 11:1 copmpression. But I think you're on the right track to making this a safe spray engine.

    here's one
    My Members' Ride Thread - It's a marathon build, not a sprint. But keep me honest on the update frequency!


      a fuel pressure switch would be a good idea