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Which Kit is best on stock pistons?

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    Which Kit is best on stock pistons?

    Which Kit is best on stock pistons and rods.. would it be the dry kit, wet, directport? or would it be any of them but nothing over a 50 shot... how much would it cost/what would it take to get the engine up to par to be able to handle a 100-150 shot of Nos.?

    i would appreciate if anyone knew about this kind of stuff incase i get a NOS or Zex kit installed..


      i have a nos kit(wet) with a 75 shot. i get scared of dry shots becouse n2o going in the the motor and letting the ecu figure it out scares me. with a 50 shot you can get away with stock timeing but any more then that and you will have to retard the timeing when you want to play with the n2o. also dont go over 75 shot with the stock pistons becouse they have really weak ringlands. you would have to get new pistons/rods and at least a black gaurd for a 100-150 shot, but remember the 150 shot will not last to long becouse your bottle press will drop faster with a bigger shot,i'd say you would get about 4-7 1/4 mile rund then you would have to fill back up becouse your press would be to low in your bottle


        yeah.. i might still get the kit.. but maybe build up to a 100 shot or what not..


          wwds (what would dad say)

          he'll pop the hood or press the red button sooner or later, then whoop ya booooiiiiy
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            You have to think about your future plans too. Like if you are going turbo then you want a wet or direct port kit. Then you have to upgrade your fuel rail too. I know that's where I'm going. 15 psi, 100 shot ... oh yeah all in due time